Josh Harris Deadliest Catch Net Worth

josh harris deadliest catch net worth

Deadliest Catch cast members put their lives on the line all the time while hunting some truly nasty sea creatures, the King crabs.

Therefore, most people cannot help but wonder what financial rewards stars like Josh Harris get in return for taking these incredible risks regularly in one of the world's most dangerous professions.

In full, Josh, or Joshua Grant Harris, got his fame as a deckhand on Cornelia Marie, his father's boat. Later, he would become the boat's captain in the Discovery Channel's popular reality show, Deadliest Catch.

The show follows crab fishermen as they try to meet their seasonal crab quota in the hostile Bering Sea.

If you have ever seen King crabs, you can admit that they are pretty strange sea creatures. However, despite their peculiar appearance, they have a delicious taste that has made them popular among diners.

These crabs also enrich those who brave the dangerous seas to catch them.

How Much Is Josh Harris Worth?

Fortunately, many Deadliest Catch cast members are doing pretty well.

Josh Harris, who is currently a famous American fisherman and reality TV star, has an estimated net worth of $800 thousand as of 2021. That makes him one of the top ten wealthiest Deadliest Catch captains.

From the look of things, he doesn't have far to go before turning into a millionaire like some of his fellow cast members.

Sig Hansen, the top Deadliest Catch captain, is worth $3.5 million, followed closely by Bill Wichrowski with a net worth of $3 million.

Crab fishing seasons last for about 3 months a year, and on average, a crab fishing captain can make around $200,000 annually. However, on this show, the captains probably make a lot more as they also get paid for being part of a reality TV show.

It is estimated that the top cast members make anywhere between $25,000 and $50,000 per episode, which is a good amount of money. However, the pay is offered in consideration of the fact that these people endure very harsh conditions and an immense amount of pressure as they fish for crab.

Deckhands make about $14 an hour, although most of them also get a percentage of the boat's total haul. Therefore, some end up getting $50,000.

That is not terrible pay considering that they spend most of the year doing other things. In fact, many of them have second jobs, which means their annual earnings as deckhands are nothing to snort at.

Josh Harris Journey To Riches Has Not Been Easy

Fishing for King crab is a deadly job, and a few vessels have killed their crew members at sea. As recently as 2020, Scandies Rose capsized and killed 5 of its crew members.

Fortunately for Harris, he comes from a family with a rich fishing tradition. He first joined the show in 2007, and over the years, he has appeared on the show on various occasions.

He currently operates from Alaska and works as a captain to Cornelia Marie, a fishing boat previously owned by his late father, Phil Harris.

Before taking up the important role on the boat, he was working on Time Bandit, which is an Alaskan crab fishing vessel. This vessel was also featured on the Deadliest Catch.

He joined the Time Bandit crew during the 8th season of Deadliest Catch, and he stood out for always talking about his boat. He also seemed to avoid any major responsibilities while working on Time Bandit.

Fortunately for him, that changed in the subsequent seasons. In 2013, he went to get his captain's license.

Getting Majority Ownership In Cornelia Marie

Phil Harris was the first captain of Cornelia Marie, and he appeared in the first five seasons of Deadliest Catch. He suffered a stroke on-camera in Season 6 of the show.

Cornelia Marie ran into some challenges after captain Phil Harris, Josh's father, passed away in 2010. However, Josh was determined to get the boat back on track.

Together with his younger brother Jake, they struggled financially to keep Cornelia Marie afloat because it needed many repairs.

He invested nearly $1 million to help overhaul the boat, and in a couple of years, the boat was up and running. It took three years to get the boat back into operation, and he also took over as the boat's captain.

At the time, he also had to deal with Jake's drug addiction.

He was also able to buy a majority share in Cornelia Marie in 2014, sharing the ownership with co-captain/partner, Casey McManus, and another investor.

That allowed him to keep his father's legacy alive. His father had also been part owner of the vessel.

Cornelia Marie is one of the most active vessels in the Deadliest Catch fleet, although it was not featured during the 13th season of the show.

Family And Personal Life

Born in 1983, Josh Harris celebrates his birthday on 18 March.

The celebrity fishing captain is also father to two kids, both girls. He also has a partner although the two are not yet married.

His brother Jake has struggled with drug addiction in the past, just like their father, Phil Harris. In 2019, Jake was sentenced to 18 months in prison, but that has not slowed Josh down.

The fishing captain was also featured in the show's spinoff, Deadliest Catch: Bloodline, which premiered in March 2020 on Discovery Channel. Together with his brother Jake, Harris co-authored the book Captain Phil Harris: The Legendary Crab Fisherman, Our Hero, Our Dad.

So, Josh has made his money through fishing and his role in the Deadliest Catch show. He clearly has the makings of a successful captain, and his vision, determination, and leadership skill might lead to substantial growth in his net worth over the coming years.

Josh's brother, Jake Harris, has an estimated net worth of $100 thousand.