Johnny Knoxville Knew This Classic Jackass Stunt Would Make Steve-O Famous

Johnny Knoxville Knew This Classic Jackass Stunt Would Make Steve-o Famous

There is a stunt Steve-O did that made Johnny Knoxville know that Steve-O would definitely be famous. During an interview with MTV, Johnny Knoxville talked about the daring stunt.

In the stunt, Steve-O swallowed a goldfish and regurgitated it into a bowl while it was still alive.

According to Knoxville, the stunt was a "real banger." After the stunt, he said to Steve-O, "If you are not already famous, you're gonna be now."

Knoxville said he had held on to the idea for a special occasion, and he always knew it was unique. That is why he knew for sure it would make Steve-O famous.

Clearly, he was right about the prediction, as Steve-O ended up becoming incredibly famous for his stunts. In the end, he ended up becoming one of the few Jackass crew members who enjoy mainstream fame.

Steve-O ended up being on Wildboyz, which lasted for four seasons. The show started in 2003.

Today, Jackass movies have turned into a top-rated franchise. Therefore, it's highly likely that the stunts will give the newest addition to the franchise a lot of popularity.

Knoxville and Steve-O first worked together in 2000 in a show about crude stunts performed among cast members and unsuspecting members of the public. Although the series lasted for three seasons, 7 Jackass spinoffs have kept the legacy alive.

Pranks have become increasingly popular today, thanks to the internet and the growing popularity of short prank videos.

A few years ago, Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa ended up getting an Oscar nomination for Best Makeup and Hairstyling.

Jackass Forever will be in theaters in February, and it will introduce new guests such as Machine Gun Kelly, Eric Andre, Shaq, and Tony Hawk. Jeff Tremaine directed the film.