Johnny Knoxville Details Brain Damage From "Jackass Forever" Stunt

Johnny Knoxville Details Brain Damage From "Jackass Forever" Stunt

During the filming of Jackass Forever, Johnny Knoxville suffered severe damage after a stunt went wrong. The movie is just a few weeks from its release, and Knoxville has come out to speak about the injury, which the internet learned about some while back.

Johnny Knoxville was seriously injured when a raging bull knocked him unconscious. It later turned out that it was not just his wrist and ribs that got broken during the stunt and also suffered brain hemorrhaging.

Knoxville's cognitive abilities dropped steadily after getting hit, and the actor claimed that the hit was the worst he had ever had from a bull. When he was given a test for attention by a neurosurgeon, he scored 17 out of 100.

Soon after the injury, the actor needed lots of medical attention, including transcranial magnetic stimulation, which is supposed to help with depression and enhance cognition.

Knoxville also admitted to having slipped into a depression of sorts after the injury, which he says has never happened to him in the past.

Due to the injury, he had trouble editing the film because he could not stay still. He was also "over-focused" on things and had to use medication for the first time in his life.

Fortunately, the actor says he feels great at the moment and apparently feels like "the healthiest" he has ever been. The Jackass Forever movie is set to be released on February 14.