Johnny Depp Heads To The Local Pub To Celebrate Victory With Loyal Fans

Johnny Depp Heads To The Local Pub To Celebrate Victory With Loyal Fans

After winning his defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard, Johnny Depp decided to celebrate his victory uniquely.

Despite being a millionaire, he did not choose to have fun on a luxurious yacht or take an expensive vacation in an exclusive resort. Instead, he drove to a UK pub where he bought his fans fish and chips.

Clearly, the decisive victory was not about money for him: It was about having a chance to be heard after the world turned on him following Amber's domestic violence accusations against him.

Unsurprisingly, things seemed to be getting better and better for the actor as the trial progressed. This was apparent whenever you saw the news.

When the jury finally deliberated on the case, it took them 14 hours.

The defamation suit started when Amber said she was representing domestic violence in 2018. The world turned against Depp, and four years later, he got his day in court and an award of $15 million from the jury at a Fairfax court in Virginia.

At the time the verdict was read, he was in the UK. Depp was at a small pub in Newcastle. Despite his towering status as a Hollywood celebrity, he had no problem eating fish and chips worth $17 at that time.

According to Janine Latchford, the general manager at the pub, Depp and his friends did not want to be recognized. Obviously, that was not going to happen, given his status.

Being a huge celebrity, a lot of people recognized him. He talked to the staff and said the fish and chips were great.

Depp then settled down to an evening of fun at the pub. He took some beer and took pictures with fans.

Over the next few days, Depp performed with his friend Jeff Beck. He was also at the Royal Albert Hall, where he got a standing ovation.