John Cena Shows Off His Muscular Legs In Thigh High Stockings On Set

In his latest R-rated comedy role, John Cena has fully embraced his feminine side, providing audiences with a unique and never-before-seen perspective from the former WWE Superstar.

On Thursday, the 45-year-old actor displayed his incredibly muscular legs while filming on the set of his new project, "Ricky Stanicky," in Melbourne, Australia. He was dressed in thigh-high stockings and a plaid mini skirt.

The talented actor, known for using the catchphrase "you can't see me," was in full view as he portrayed the titular role in the film directed by Peter Farrelly. Farrelly is known for his work in directing popular comedies such as "Dumb and Dumber," "There's Something About Mary," and "Me, Myself & Irene."

To complete his appearance, he wore a pair of lace-up booties with heels as he entered his trailer on the set.

The movie revolves around the quirky concept of Cena's character, Ricky Stanicky, who is the name of an imaginary friend created and sustained by three friends for several years. This imaginary friend serves as a convenient excuse for them to blame for their mischievous actions.

However, when their partners become doubtful, the three friends are forced to hire a declining actor to bring the character of Stanicky to life, and he appears to be John Cena dressed in women's clothing.

Earlier in the week, Cena was seen with powder white makeup covering his chiseled face and sporting dark black eyebrows with high arches, as well as wearing red lipstick.

In addition, he wore a loose vest, a button-down striped shirt, and shorts that hid his highly muscular physique.

Cena was accompanied by his beautiful wife, Shay Shariatzadeh, during the outing.

Shariatzadeh, who is an engineer at 33 years old, was dressed in a casual yet stylish outfit, consisting of a tight auburn long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans.

She displayed her large engagement ring and expensive watch while carrying a cup of coffee.

The couple first met in early 2019 and were seen on a romantic dinner date in Vancouver, Shariatzadeh's hometown, in March of the same year. Cena was in Canada at the time to film the movie "Playing With Fire."

Their romance moved quickly and the couple tied the knot in a private ceremony in Tampa, Florida, in 2020.

Cena's co-star Zac Efron, who is appearing in the film directed by Peter Farrelly, was not present on the set.

Fans should anticipate a significant amount of crude humor from director Peter Farrelly, who is well-known for his work with his brother Bobby as the Farrelly brothers.

While he briefly ventured into more serious film-making with the Oscar-winning "Green Book" in 2018, Peter is most renowned for his comedic works such as "Shallow Hal" and "The Heartbreak Kid."

Many of Peter's comedy films include humor that is so outrageous that it can make one's eyes water, such as depicting Gwyneth Paltrow wearing a "fat suit" and Cameron Diaz styling her hair with something that definitely wasn't hair gel.

According to Variety, the film's synopsis is: "Ricky Stanicky is the name of an imaginary character invented and perpetuated by three friends over several years so that they have someone to blame for their misbehavior.

"When their partners become suspicious, they're forced to hire a washed-up actor to bring Stanicky to life. The move has dire, but hilarious consequences"

Amazon Prime Video holds the worldwide rights to the film and it will feature William H. Macy, Anja Savcic, Jermaine Fowler, Andrew Santino, and Lex Scott Davis in supporting roles.