John Cena Makes A $1 Million Donation To Support The Black Lives Matter Movement

John Cena Makes A $1 Million Donation To Support The Black Lives Matter Movement

Popular WWE wrestling star and actor John Cena recently took his fans by surprise. He announced that he would be making a $1 million donation to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

This comes after fans of the wildly popular K-pop band BTS donated the same value to the movement. John would be matching the donation made by the BTS Army.

The BTS Army consists of millions of loyal followers of the group and after the Bangtan Boys called on their support, they reacted quickly. BTS donated $1million and the BTS Army decided to match it. Their match is now being matched by John Cena.


All this is part of the #MatchAMillion initiative.

John Was Impressed By BTS

While on The Late Late Show With James Corden, the wrestler opened up about why he decided to make the hefty contribution.

It turns out that John is actually a fan of the South Korean boy band. He told James that he became interested in the fact that the band is the first Korean pop band to connect with a worldwide audience.


John added that he found their global success interesting. He was curious as to how they do it.

After that, he began to actually listen to their music and the message they send to fans. He noticed that it is a message of self-love and being confident in yourself.

What BTS was doing with their music clearly impressed John. As a result, he joined the BTS Army.

Not His First Show Of Generosity

This is not the first time that John has shown how deep his pockets go. The wrestler made a $40,000 donation to the family of former WWE star Shad Gaspard. The donation was made anonymously.


Shad got caught in a rip current and passed away. This happened while spending time with his son at Venice Beach. John and Shad were part of the same wrestling group, the Cryme Tyme Cenation.

People are sure that John made the donation because of the message that accompanied it - 'CTC RIP'.

The Black Lives Movement

The BlackLivesMatter Foundation was born in 2013, according to the official website. The acquittal of Trayvon Martin's murderer is what set things in motion.


#BLM is a worldwide organization. The movement aims to bring down white supremacy and improve the lives of black people.

With the George Floyd Protests, the movement has gained more traction and support. The Black Lives Movement has also put the spotlight on police brutality in America.