John Cena Made Impressive $2.5 Million For Awkward Sex Scene In Trainwreck

John Cena made a whopping $2.5 million for doing an "awkward" sex scene with Amy Schumer in the movie Trainwreck.

Even though his appearance was short, it became quite famous in the popular romantic comedy directed by Judd Apatow.

Although the scene might have been embarrassing, it's obvious that the big paycheck was worth it.

The movie's description says: "A young magazine writer (Schumer) is made to believe that relationships and marriages hold no value. However, a meeting with a sports doctor (Bill Hader) forces her to rethink her principles."

The movie, distributed by Universal Pictures, had a budget of around $35 million, which is considered modest in the movie industry. However, it ended up making a huge amount of money at the box office, earning a whopping $140.8 million.

While Amy Schumer was joined by many famous and talented actors in the movie, there was one actor who really brought something unique to the story.

None other than the legendary WWE wrestler, John Cena, appeared in the film and participated in what could be considered one of the most uncomfortable sex scenes ever filmed.

But it's clear that Cena's decision to take on this role was a smart move, as he ended up making millions of dollars from it.

In the movie, Cena and Schumer's characters have an on-and-off casual relationship.

It's so casual that the wrestler-turned-actor only appears in three scenes right at the start of the movie.

Surprisingly, the limited screen time didn't affect the salary he received for the role.

"Despite only appearing in the beginning of Trainwreck (in three scenes), John Cena made a reported $2.5 million," news site Buzzfeed states.

Talk about getting a lot out of your investment!

Cena recently shared his thoughts on his cameo, saying to ScreenRant, "I've been very much looking to do a comedy for quite some time. When you're a WWE superstar you're kind of stuck in the television world, and that's where I was spending most of my time."

"I was approached to audition for Trainwreck, but it wasn't a sure shot though. Then I got asked back to do a table read with Amy and Judd and got cast in the movie from thereā€¦It's a fun atmosphere to be a part of, this project especially."

"Working with Amy and Judd [Apatow] was fantastic and I would clock in and just laugh the whole day," the star concluded.

Although Cena enjoyed working with the crew and fellow stars on set, he has been very open and honest about the intimate scene.

During an interview with Conan O'Brien, Cena shared his recollection of the sex scene, saying, "It was awkward. And they wanted awkward, so we gave them awkward."

Indeed they did.