Joe Swanson Voice Actor Patrick Warburton Refuses To Apologize For Family Guy's Humor

Patrick Warburton asserts that he will no longer apologize for the comedic content featured in Family Guy.

It is widely known that Family Guy is one of the most polarizing programs in existence.

Although it was canceled twice and received a barrage of letters from upset parents, the television series has gone on to become one of the longest-lasting and most thriving animated comedies in history.


Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for the voice actors of the show to be confronted at times.

Warburton, who portrays Joe Swanson, a police officer who uses a wheelchair, asserts that he will no longer make efforts to apologize for the show's risqué humor.


"I used to apologize for being on Family Guy, and I apologize no more because this world is a horrible native satire," Warburton said in an interview with Fox News.

"Everybody takes themselves too seriously, and… I think in many ways become an overwhelming mess."

"But we need humor in our lives, and we need love and humor, acceptance. It's all rather simple."

Nonetheless, Warburton's mother, who is both a Christian and a member of the Parents Television Council, has expressed disapproval of the sitcom previously.


As per the Daily Mail, Barbara Warburton proclaimed that she would take any necessary measures to safeguard children from being corrupted by vulgar television.

She said of Family Guy in 2011: "The wrong messages are out there and that's my main concern."

"Shows like these are leading toward the destruction of morality…nothing seems sacred any more."


To add an intriguing twist, according to The Destin Log, a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) complaint filed by Warburton's mother is presently housed in the office of the show's creator, Seth McFarlane.

The Daily Mail reported that Mrs. Warburton informed The Destin Log that she had urged her son to resign from the profanity-laden comedy.

Although he has no intention of leaving the show anytime soon, it appears that his mother's influence has left a mark on him.


According to The Huffington Post, in an interview with Josh Zepps, the voice actor divulged that a joke targeting Christianity caused him to boycott an entire episode.

"It was something that was so offensive that I said, 'If that's in the show, I can't do this episode. … Put it in another f**king episode that I'm not in,'" he said.

"We all wonder if we have a line that can be crossed, and I just discovered there is actually a line with me."