Joe Biden's Niece Caroline Gets No Jail Time After DUI Guilty Plea

joe biden’s niece caroline gets no jail time after dui guilty plea

The Bidens have a reputation for walking free after being accused of serious charges. This time, it's the president-elect's niece, Caroline Biden, getting off easy after a DUI arrest.

The woman actually pleaded guilty to the charges. In fact, she was even sentenced to spend between 20 days and 6 months in "confinement."

However, the 33-year-old will not be spending a day in jail. That's because she got into a plea deal with the Montgomery County district attorney.

Rather than spend time behind bars, the woman will instead have more than five months of probation. However, 20 days of this sentence will be spent in rehab in January.

With this incredible deal, the now-famous tradition of Bidens walking free will continue. An earlier investigation had shown that there were eight other instances of Bidens getting off with nothing but a slap on the wrist after serious charges.

A DA spokesman, Kate Delano, explained more about the sentence:

"She will be on probation … Should she then violate or break the law at any time, then she will be on the hook for the rest of the sentence."

Caroline Biden Slammed Her Car Into A Tree

Caroline Biden is the daughter of James Biden. She was taken into custody after she slammed her car into a tree in Lower Merion Township, Pa.

The woman had trouble focusing on the conversation the arresting officer was having with her. She was also driving without a license.

In her car, the authorities also found pill bottles for carisoprodol and lorazepam. These are both controlled substances.

In a drug test, it was discovered that these drugs were in her system during the crash.

The case took more than a year to settle, and it stayed in Pennsylvania courts as her uncle, Joe Biden, campaigned for the presidency.

The arraignment actually took place a day after the presidential election, and a court spokesperson said that the curious timing was nothing more than a coincidence.

Ruling Fair

For a first offense, there is nothing unusual about this ruling, according to Mike Gottlieb, an attorney with experience in DUI cases:

"It is not an unusual sentence to get credit for the time in the rehab. So truthfully, I don't think she was treated any differently than any of my clients would have been."

However, although this might have been her first offense in Pennsylvania, Caroline has previously been accused of spending over $110,000 on a stolen credit card. She has also faced charges for assaulting a police officer in New York.

As per this case, she is supposed to pay $1,990 in fines and legal costs. In addition, she is to:

"Participate in a public or nonprofit community service program for 12 hours."

Her driving license has also been suspended for a year. On top of that, she has to take part in a drug and alcohol awareness program.

Caroline's father, James Biden, is also no stranger to controversy. He has also been linked to the CEFC scandal, along with his son, Hunter Biden.

So, Caroline simply cements a long-standing family legacy of getting into trouble with the law and simply walking away without serious consequences.