Joe Biden Has Been Sanctioned By Russia

Joe Biden Has Been Sanctioned By Russia

Russia has hit back against a flurry of international sanctions that have followed its decision to invade Ukraine. The most prominent figure on the sanction list is US President Joe Biden.

Several other high-profile US politicians are also on the list, such as Secretary of State Antony Blinken, CIA Director William Burns, and Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin.

Kremlin has also sanctioned Hillary Clinton.

Those on the sanction list will be banned from entering Russia.

Joe Biden Has Been Sanctioned By Russia

Nevertheless, despite the sanctions, which have named many high profile White House officials, Russia has explained that normal diplomatic relations with the US will continue.

In fact, Russia will still get in touch with the sanctioned officials if that proves necessary.

For a while, Kremlin has been promising that it was coming up with a "strong response" to the West following the long list of sanctions imposed on the country after President Putin invaded Ukraine.

Initially, Russia said that the sanctions the Western countries had imposed were a form of "blackmail, intimidation, and threat."

Since then, Russian banks, businesses, and prominent figures have been targeted. The UK recently said that 350 more Russians in the country were getting their assets frozen.

It seems that the sanctions being put in place by Western nations are meant to cripple Russia's economy, and the country will likely start defaulting on its foreign debt in a few weeks.

For three weeks, the Moscow Stock Exchange has been closed. The decision was made to prevent a stock market crash.

Joe Biden Has Been Sanctioned By Russia

The sanctions imposed by Russia on US officials will likely not impact them since they are unlikely to have any assets or interests in Russia.

Since 2011, Joe Biden has not been to Russia. He had traveled there as vice president to have talks with Putin.

After Joe Biden became president of the United States, he met Putin once. They met last June in Geneva, Switzerland.

So far, the White House has not given an official response to the Russian sanctions.