Joe Biden Breaks Obama's Record For Most Votes Ever Cast For A U.S. Presidential Candidate

joe biden breaks obama’s record for most votes ever cast for a u.s. presidential candidate

The popular vote, or the actual number of people who voted, for those of you still struggling with the US election system, doesn't have any real power. But, it shows what the majority wanted.

And, it's clear that Americans want Joe Biden to be the next POTUS since he got 70,470,207 votes and counting. President Donald Trump has collected 67,280,936 votes.

Previously, the record was set by former POTUS, Barack Obama, in 2008, when he got 69,498,516 votes. He made history while in the race against Senator John McCain.


Elections 2020 in Numbers

It's no wonder that Biden got so many votes, but it's interesting that Donald Trump might also break Mr. Obama's record.

Joe Biden was Obama's Vice President for eight years, and his popularity was never questioned.

However, the whole counting process is a proper nail-bitter, tensions are high on both sides, and proters clash in many larger cities.


Democratic nominee so far holds 50.3 percent of all votes. The POTUS has 48.0 percent, but things are looking bad for a Republican nominee.

Back in 2016, Trump didn't win the popular vote, but he did win the elections. Hilary Clinton got over 3 million votes more than Donald Trump, but not enough electoral college votes.

The Trump debacle

Current president, Donald Trump already claimed victory.


He also said that he'll take things to the Supreme Court, implying that the Democrats rigged the voting system.

On the other side, the democrats called this: "naked effort to take away the democratic rights of American citizens."

joe biden breaks obama's record for most votes ever cast for a u.s. presidential candidate
joe biden breaks obama's record for most votes ever cast for a u.s. presidential candidate

It's going to be interesting to see how things will unfold in the upcoming months. No matter which candidate wins the electoral votes, the other side will challenge it.

And since Biden is only a few votes from stepping into the White House, you bet that Twitter will be on fire. Many of Trump's tweets are now hidden for safety reasons.

Another win for Joe Biden lies in winning Arizona. This state hasn't voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since 1996.


With millions of votes still at play, brace yourselves. Despite the pandemic, it seems like the world stopped for a moment until the US elections are truly over.