JLo Just Proved Everyone Needs This Dress In Their Closet!

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If there is someone that should be known as the Queen of fashion, that would be Jennifer Lopez.

This gorgeous woman never ceases to amaze us with everything she wears. Whether she gets dolled up for an Award event, the Oscars, or a casual walk, she owns it.

Fashion is tricky because there are always hot new trends that we somehow want to follow.

But we often forget how easy it is to get carried away with all those trendy things and end up looking like every other person out there. We forget that fashion is based on finding your vibe, finding your fashion voice, and leaving your mark.

There is no point in looking trendy if you don't pour your heart into everything you choose to wear.

And, of course, that is one of the many reasons why people love Jennifer Lopez.

She makes bold fashion moves, but she never crosses the line.

Just look at that gorgeous and utterly sexy gown she wore for the Tribeca Film Festival. Simple, elegant, and edgy with all those see-through parts, wisely chosen to reveal enough skin and leaves the rest to the fantasy.

However, it always feels like a sight for sore eyes when we see that besides these glamorous outfits, celebrities wear something casual too.

J-Lo is well known for her casual street style.

And recently, the paparazzi noticed her wearing a simple black maxi summer dress while walking down the streets of Paris with Ben Affleck.
It is proof that even simple things like a black maxi dress can be the real deal if you know how to wear them.