jimmy carter, 96, gushes about wife rosalynn, 93, ahead of 75th wedding anniversary celebration

Jimmy Carter, the former president of the United States, has been married to Rosalynn, the former first lady, for almost 75 years. A few years ago, the elderly couple won the record of being the longest-married presidential couple in the history of the United States.

Only George and Barbara Bush came close with their 73-year-old marriage that ended after the death of George H.W. Bush.

Although the famous couple celebrates over seven and a half decades of being together as husband and wife, nobody can forget how their beautiful love story began. The two met in Plains, Georgia.

Jimmy was smitten after seeing Rosalynn way before he became the 39th president of the United States.

In fact, as he was going on his first date with Rosalynn, he told his mom that he was going to marry her. His wish came true when Jimmy married Rosalynn on July 7, 1946.

At the time, he was 21, and she was 18.

The Couple Lives A Simple Life

Jimmy Carter, 96, Gushes About Wife Rosalynn, 93, Ahead Of 75th Wedding Anniversary Celebration
Jimmy Carter, 96, gushes about wife Rosalynn, 93, ahead of 75th wedding anniversary celebration

Today, the famous couple likes to lead a simple life in the small town where they were born. As a matter of fact, they live in a farmhouse worth $167,000.

The media noted that the value of this house is less than the value of the armored Secret Service vehicles parked outside.

Clearly, nothing means more to this couple than having each other, which is why they can still find satisfaction in the little joys of life. As long as the Carters have each other's love, they have nothing else to worry about.

It is quite apparent that the couple is still quite in love with each other, even after 75 years of being married. This was apparent in the extent to which Jimmy gushed about his marriage to Rosalynn during a recent interview just before they enjoy their anniversary.

In the interview, the couple discussed how they make their marriage work out for them, among other things.

Finding The Right Partner Is Key

The love these two have for each other is timeless. The couple went on their first date in 1945, and they would tie the knot a year later.

According to Jimmy, what they have is a "full partnership." He went as far as declaring that the best decision he ever made had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with his decision to marry his wife, Rosalynn.

He also had a tip to share with those wondering where the secret to a lasting union lies:

"My biggest secret is to marry the right person if you want to have a long-lasting marriage."

However, that is not all a couple needs to make it as marriage partners. Jimmy revealed that the people involved have to communicate every day and reconcile all the time.

Jimmy and Rosalynn are committed Christians, and he revealed that reading the Bible aloud every night is one of their rituals.

They have been doing it for many years, even when journeys have separated them.

They Don't Let Differences Last

Jimmy Carter, 96, Gushes About Wife Rosalynn, 93, Ahead Of 75th Wedding Anniversary Celebration
Jimmy Carter, 96, gushes about wife Rosalynn, 93, ahead of 75th wedding anniversary celebration

According to Jimmy, there is something else that ensures that their marriage goes the distance: they never go to bed with any unresolved issues:

"We don't go to sleep with some remaining differences between us."

Rosalynn had some tips to share with the world as well. Apparently, she and her husband are always looking for things they can do together.

She advises that having common interests is very important in a marriage. Still, she recommends that couples learn to give each other some space:

"Each [person] should have some space. That's really important."

The couple also wanted people to know that their marriage has not been absolutely perfect, even if it has lasted for so long. The important thing is that they have managed to work through any issues they have encountered and emerged victorious.

Challenges have made their bond stronger and stronger.

Rosalynn Was More Political Than Jimmy

Jimmy had a shocking revelation to share about his wife. Apparently, although the world might see him as the politician in the family, he claims that Rosalynn is "much more political" than him.

She does not deny these allegations and even confirms that campaigns were a delight for her and that she had "the best time."

That, obviously, made her a perfect partner for Jimmy Carter. On his part, he has been quite vocal about women's rights, especially in the context of Christianity.

In fact, in 2006, he decided to leave the Southern Baptist Convention because he thought its rigid views were unfavorable to women in the church and even in their marriages.

However, he backed up the church when it recognized gay marriage and said, "the church is evolving."

There's A Big Party Coming Up

Jimmy Carter, 96, Gushes About Wife Rosalynn, 93, Ahead Of 75th Wedding Anniversary Celebration
Jimmy Carter, 96, gushes about wife Rosalynn, 93, ahead of 75th wedding anniversary celebration

Anyway, Jimmy and Rosalynn are about to celebrate their anniversary, and that's big. The party will take place in their Plains hometown.

According to Jason Carter, their grandson, the anniversary will be a "big party" with many close friends they have known throughout the years.

Jason also recognized that this would be a huge milestone in recognition of the fact that a "number of things have to go right in your life to have the 75th anniversary."

The Carters have been out of the spotlight for several years, and they seem quite satisfied with their simple life. They don't seem to enjoy pompous parties that once filled their calendars while at the White House.

In fact, Rosalynn is a little concerned that they have invited far too many people to the event. She said she was praying that some people fail to show up.

Clearly, what this couple cares the most about is the meaning behind this rare milestone, not having a huge event.

All we can do is wish Jimmy and Rosalynn all the best as they celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary. Nobody deserves it better.