jill biden hospitalized

Jill Biden, the First Lady of the United States, has been hospitalized following her two-day official visit to Hawaii.

Joe Biden was by his wife's side as she underwent a medical procedure. Here is all we have learned so far.

Jill Biden Hospitalized
Jill Biden hospitalized

It took a medical scare for people to realize that Jill Biden is not a doll, playing dress-up. So, first, let's deal with the negative, and it all starts and ends with her fashion choices.

Dr. Jil Biden Faced Some Harsh Critisism

Always by her husband's side, Jil Biden is admired, though she faced some unfair criticism.

Jill Biden Hospitalized
Jill Biden hospitalized

Some people have issues with her fashion sense. Though most of the time she dresses conservatively, her fishnet tights caused many comments on the web.

The outrageous, misogynistic comments follow every first lady, and Dr.Biden is no exception.

Apart from her tights, many complained that her skirt was too short during her visit to Washington. Some commentators called her "trashy," others used the word "embarrassing."

Of course, her age somehow became an issue, as Twitter users suggested she was too old for a mini skirt.

One person wrote:

"I think Jill B has the holidays confused. She must think it's Halloween. What is she 70? Either way, she's much too old for fishnets & stiletto booties."

Jill Biden Hospitalized
Jill Biden hospitalized

Another user tried to be funny:

"Madonna called and wants her trashy look back, Doc."

Some went further:

"Good Lord, she looks like Madonna's grandmother."

Jill Biden Hospitalized
Jill Biden hospitalized

And then there was this:

"Hey, Jill Biden. It's not called Forever61 for a reason. Forever21 needs a cut-off date!!"

But, the more haters attacked, the more those admiring her intellect and education defended her:

This Twitter user nailed our feelings:

Of course, this Twitter user also had a point:

But, even if she wore fishnets, it is not what defines Dr. Biden:

It is a bit unfair to pitty two women against each other, though:

Again, this was not Biden Vs. Trump, but some people had fair points:

A comment we love:

Let's all remember that Jil Biden has a lot more to offer:

Again, fair points, though not necessary:

"Jill Biden wore patterned tights (not fishnets, BTW) & conservatives lose their minds. Ivanka wears them all the time and they consider her a paragon of style. And let's not even get started on what Melania does - or doesn't wear. This is Jill's tan suit moment."

This tweeter used Barack Obama's tan suit in 2014 and Michelle Obama's sleeveless dress as references.

Jill Biden Hospitalized
Jill Biden hospitalized

Another added:

Michelle Obama upset them in a sleeveless sheath dress, and Barack Obama upset them in a tan suit. So now they are upset about Jill Biden and her cute ensemble with her patterned tights and ankle boots. She looked very chic."

Dignified and always above petty comments, Dr. Jill's office did not respond to the insults.

Our main concern now is not what Mrs. Biden chose to wear but how she feels.

Well-wishers Flooded The Social Media

Jill Biden Hospitalized
Jill Biden hospitalized

Upon learning that Jill Biden was admitted to the hospital, social media users sent their love to the First Lady:

Despite knowing that Jill suffered a minor injury, people were concerned:

Having a caring husband for POTUS melted many hearts.

Dr. Jill was admitted to Walter Reed military hospital. She had a procedure to remove debris from a puncture wound in her foot.

Jill Biden Hospitalized
Jill Biden hospitalized

The procedure took place on Thursday, and the president returned to The White House on the same night. Officially, Jill Biden is well, as her Press Secretary tweeted:

Jill Biden's foot got infected while on an official visit to Hawaii, just days after returning from Tokyo, where she attended the opening of the Olympic Games.

Jill Biden Hospitalized
Jill Biden hospitalized

Hopefully, she will be back on her feet in no time, and people can continue their pettiness regarding Dr. Jill's fashion choices.