Jeremy Clarkson Says Furious Kaleb Aborted Farm After "Stupidest Idea Yet"

Kaleb Cooper left Jeremy Clarkson's farm after Clarkson shared with him what he described as his 'stupidest idea yet,' according to Clarkson.

Since establishing Diddly Squat farm, the host of The Grand Tour has come up with a number of interesting plans.

However, the 62-year-old host admitted that his most recent idea was rejected by his right-hand man, Kaleb Cooper.

In his column for The Sun, Clarkson explained that he had plans to expand the operations at his farm in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.


However, when Clarkson shared the idea with Kaleb, the young farmer left and went to Cornwall for a week.


So what was the idea that prompted such a reaction? Pig farming.

According to the presenter, not only would pig farming make him a fortune, but it would also allow him to save money by feeding his un-harvestable potatoes to the pigs rather than letting them go to waste.

Clarkson stated: "You buy ten pigs for a low cost and three months later you have ten million in profit. That's a pure profit right there."


Clarkson reported that his land agent, Charlie Ireland, called the idea the 'stupidest' he had ever heard and declined to be involved.

Clarkson wrote that Charlie reacted to the proposal by rolling his eyes and leaving, leading Clarkson and his partner Lisa to spend a week or two learning about pig farming.

Clarkson added that Kaleb was so unhappy with the idea that he got in his pick-up truck and left for Cornwall for a week.


It's likely that Kaleb had other things on his mind in recent weeks, as he announced his engagement a couple of weeks ago. However, it is clear that he was not interested in pursuing pig farming with Clarkson.


On Christmas Day, Cooper shared the news of his engagement with his followers on Instagram, writing: "She said yes! 2022 has been an amazing year, and this definitely tops it off."

Cooper expressed his excitement for the future, saying: "I honestly can't wait for 2023 and all the following years after that. @tayaaaxx you're my best friend and the love of my life. It was a long wait for this (6 and a half years)."


The Instagram post included a smiley outdoor selfie, with the engagement ring prominently displayed.

His fiancée commented: "I LOVE YOU CAN'T WAIT TO MARRY YOU!"

If you are looking forward to the return of Clarkson's Farm, you won't have to wait much longer.

The second season of the popular Amazon Prime series will be released on February 10th.