Eighteen years ago, Jennifer Lopez stole the headlines from both the fashion and pop industry. This was a result of a green Versace dress she wore to the Grammy’s. The dress had a plunging side-slit and made a headline for her name. Almost two decades later, Lopez is back at it again.

This time, she was taking a photo for Instyle magazine. In the widely circulated photo, Lopez is almost wearing nothing. She is set to be the cover star for the Instyle magazine’s December issue.

The star chose to rock a Valentino Haute Couture dress. The dress is metallic green with a pleated cape. In the photo, the dress covers little, and her curves and stunning body are on display for all of us to admire and get jealous over.

Many people’s awe is because she looks just as beautiful as she did two decades ago. When asked how she manages to maintain a perfect bod and withstand the test of time, Lopez credited it to three things; a no caffeine policy, a no alcohol policy, and she tries to get in as much sleep as she can.

Still talking to Instyle magazine, she said she isn’t like anyone else approaching fifty years. To most people about to clock in 50 years, they experience conditions like low energy, and memory lapses, among others. She doesn’t suffer from any of these conditions. She does, however, admit to squinting at her phone from time to time. She also admits to getting body aches. The aches are mostly experienced in her middle and back, her muscles do also get loose.

She credits the pain to her ever lively performances on stage. She went ahead to disclaim she does take precaution, by adding weight training into her rigorous workout schedule.

In the interview with the magazine, Lopez talks about her experience growing up, and how she felt accepted in her family. She goes ahead to say that a curvier figure was widely accepted in her family. That, in turn, led her to accept and embrace that she was a curvy girl, and she did everything to own it.

Mrs. Lopez also talked about how she is the focus of many tabloid gossip stories and articles. She also revealed her joy as a celebrity in social media. She says the media is much friendlier than the pre-smartphone era. She enjoys the fact that she can share a little of who she is direct with the masses. She no longer has to rely on gossip magazines to get her name out to her fans, with whatever lies they have webbed over. However, she does admit that social media in the post-smartphone era has come with a few challenges.

She admits the younger generation of celebrities has an easier time, not having to deal with tabloids exclusively. She admits the world has changed and admits it’s for the better. She does however say that she does not want to sound like a mom.

We can only wait to see what more she has in store for us and envy her as she ages like fine wine.