Jennifer Lopez Breaks The Internet In Skin-tight Bodysuit

In a cheeky, provocative tight bodysuit, Jennifer Lopez showed her age-defining figure and nearly broke the internet!

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Multitalented superstar is known for her catchy tunes, memorable roles, fantastic red carpet fashion moments, and of course, her legendary beauty.

She came a long way from a fresh-faced young lady who sang If You Had My Love and created an empire.

Breaking The Internet Over And Over Again

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Recently, J. Lo posted a story on her Instagram showing her in a skin-tight barbie pink bodysuit.

Of course, we didn't even realize that this was a DSW x Jennifer Lopez shoe campaign at first since we were all too busy staring at Jen's delicious curves and mesmerizing face.

The stunning photo was followed by a video, where the famed star is smoldering, all dolled up, looking at least two decades younger.

The pictures are just coming, and we are speechless!

Though J. Lo is the queen of high heels, among other things, this collection is more about comfort, and it features plenty of sneakers and combat boots with glamourous twists.

The 52-year old proved age is just a number, and just last night, she took her old/new boyfriend, Ben Affleck, for a night out, looking glam as always.

The two dated in 2004, even got engaged but broke up. Now, after many years, Affleck and Jen seem to have found a way back to each other, and they have been together since April, vacationing, doing red carpet events, and even grocery shopping.

Do you like or love the latest campaign with Jenny from The Block? Can't she just tell us her secret to maintaining a youthful appearance and a perfectly sculpted body?