Jelena Weir Instagram, Bio, And Dating

Jelena Weir Instagram, Bio, And Dating

Jelena Weir, born Cikoja, is a German-Croatian influencer, model, and artist with a permanent address in New York City. Here is all you need to know about this stylish beauty.

Date Of Birth

February 4, 1987

Horoscope Sign


Birth Place

Stuttgart Germany

Net Worth

$1.5 Million

Marital Status



5'10" / 179cm


125 lb (57 kg)



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Eye Color


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Best Known For

Jelena is best known for her stunning beauty and stylish outfits. She is artistic, so her Instagram is quite inspiring and full of sweet photos with her family, places, and collaborations with famous brands.

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Who Is Jelena Weir Dating?

Jelena and Joe Weir, a model and former OHL Canadian hockey player, are married. They met around 2014 by accident and have been together ever since, traveling, working, and welcoming a child.

Jelena Weir Boyfriends/Girlfriends

Jelena married her long-term boyfriend Joe Weir in NYC in 2021. They plan a big wedding celebration in Croatia in 2023.

The couple has a dog, Cali, and recently welcomed a baby.

The two explored the world for several years, though New York is their home base.

Jelena Weir Instagram

Jelena started her Instagram account on January 18, 2016, when she shared a photo of her legs.

She then posted several photos from her travels and soon started sharing her modeling work.

People connected with Jelena's style and aesthetic and fell in love with Jelena's and Joe's love story.

About Jelena Weir

Jelena was raised in Croatia and Germany.

She studied engineering before dedicating her life to fashion. She is the co-creator of the Abeona.NYC, phone cases brand.

Her measurements are: 34.5"/24.5"/36"

Jelena also has a Youtube channel with several videos, including the gender reveal party they had before the birth of their baby boy.

Jelena was scouted in Germany and is represented by NEXT Talent (NYC, Los Angeles).


There is no public information about Jelena's family, apart from what she shared on social media.

She posted a vintage photo of her mother for Mother's Day. In an interview with Elle, she said that most of her family lives in Croatia.

Interesting Facts

Jelena cannot live without family, friends, and avocados. She even puts them on pizza. Other foods on Jelena's favorite list include Caramel M&Ms, toffee cookies, kettle popcorn, and peanut butter pretzels.

Her dog, Cali, has its own Instagram account.

The Bahamas have ideal beaches, Jelena said.

Jelena enjoys cooking with family and friends.