Jeff Bezos Responds To Viral Video Of Leonardo DiCaprio Meeting His Girlfriend

Jeff Bezos Responds To Viral Video Of Leonardo Dicaprio Meeting His Girlfriend

To most people, Jeff Bezos has everything this life could give him, especially his $200 billion fortune. However, there is still something he has not achieved despite owning one of the largest companies in the world: he is still not Leonardo DiCaprio, which seems like a big deal to his girlfriend.

This became crystal clear after the couple met DiCaprio during the LACMA Art+Film Gala. Bezos was with his news anchor girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, on the red carpet when they crossed paths with the famous actor.


A clip of their chance encounter soon went viral.

The lingering gaze of admiration Sanchez gave DiCaprio soon had a lot of rumors spreading around. According to some, the look made it clear to Bezos that it was over between him and his girlfriend even though he was the second-richest person in the world.

Someone chose to see an opportunity as an example of the kind of goal we should all have when looking for a partner:


"Find you someone who looks at you the way Jeff Bezos' girlfriend looks at Leo DiCaprio."

Another commenter noted that the lady forgot that she was holding hands with a billionaire as soon as she got a hug from DiCaprio.

According to some people, the actor might be in trouble. These people are predicting that DiCaprio's movies may disappear from Amazon's streaming platform soon. In fact, someone joked that both digital and physical movies of the Hollywood film star were no longer available on Amazon.


With people making all these jokes and comments online, it was a given that Jeff Bezos would soon see them. He has given his response, and it is a caution of sorts to DiCaprio.


The billionaire tagged DiCaprio in the tweet in which he wrote, "Leo, come over here. I want to show you something." Then he added a photo with a sign reading: "Danger!"

People have loved the light-hearted response, and they have nothing but praises for Bezos for seeing the funny side of this situation. Someone even noted, "Nah, this is funny asf."