Jeff Bezos Issues Statement Following Amazon Warehouse Deaths

At least six Amazon employees have been confirmed dead at an Amazon warehouse in Illinois. This happened after the warehouse was hit by a tornado due to the extreme weather affecting the country.

Jeff Bezos faced criticism over the incident when he decided to post about his space crew on social media rather than talking about the deadly tragedy.

Jeff Bezos Issues Statement Following Amazon Warehouse Deaths

The fact that he did not say anything about the incident angered many people. A lot of them took to Twitter to explain their frustration with the billionaire entrepreneur's silence over the matter.

A Twitter user noted that Bezos had tweeted about space exploits within minutes of the events while staying mum about the death of Amazon workers reported a night earlier.

Some employees were also missing.

Bezos has now released a statement on social media about the tragedy. In the tweet, he explained that news of the incident was tragic and heartbreaking.

According to him, teammates had been lost. He reassured everyone that the Amazon team was working to offer their support throughout the crisis.

He also thanked responders and offered his condolences to families and loved ones affected by the tragedy.

One of the people who lost their lives in the tragedy is Clayton Cope, a maintenance worker. According to reports, Cope had tried to warn colleagues about the impending danger.

According to his mother, Cope had expressed his plan to tell someone that a tornado was on the way. Unfortunately, he ended up becoming a victim during the disaster.