Jealousy Makes You Nasty. How To Tell If Someone Is Jealous Of You And How You Can Fix It

Jealousy Makes You Nasty. How To Tell If Someone Is Jealous Of You And How You Can Fix It

Is someone close to you jealous of you? Chances are that you aren't sure of the answer to that.

The truth is that many of us suffer from jealousy or that so-called "Green-Eyed Monster." Sometimes we have feelings of anger and irritation because we see someone else doing better in life, a best friend got married while you are struggling to keep a boyfriend for even a few months, or a work colleague seems to be the envy of everyone else.

So, how can you tell that someone is jealous of you?

More liked

If you are more favored by people, being invited to more events, being talked to by more men, and being the center of attention wherever you go, people could be jealous of that.

Well, rather than rubbing it in, you can help the person you feel is jealous of you. Saying nice things will help them feel better and more secure about themselves to get out more often. Allowing them to be part of the conversation is also a wise move.

Negative comments

A jealous person will more often than not make bad comments knowingly or unknowingly. "You seem to be adding weight," "I don't like your new friend," "that dress does not really look that good on you." These are just some of the examples of people showing their jealousy toward you.

Rather than playing along, you should aim at rediscovering yourself, and whenever possible, spend less time with that person. Building your confidence and spending more time with people who appreciate and compliment you helps a lot.

They avoid you

If someone who loves or used to love spending time with you suddenly seems too busy for you or they've distanced themselves from you, the chances are that they are becoming jealous. Rather than having to deal with your newly found confidence, achievement, or a new set of friends, he/she would rather be away from your "happy" scene.

A good solution to this is to remain nice to the person. You can help them succeed and allow them to be part of your success. Assure them that you still value them despite your new situation.

Don't care attitude

You used to spend lots of time talking, chatting, and texting with your partner. Suddenly, they seem less interested in conversations with you. In fact, they do not ask how your day was or show empathy if you are having a bad day; This is symbolic of a jealous person.

The best way to approach this situation is by not holding it in. Instead, you should talk about it. Try to understand what changed and how the two of you can work it out together.


Did you know that that isolation is a good indicator of someone who is jealous? This happens because he or she feels that life is unfair. Imagine your work colleague who has been in the company for years still at the same level while you have been promoted twice within a span of a few years?

In such a situation, it would help if you tried to understand the person better. Ask about their ambitions. Know their strengths and if it is in your power, identify a suitable position that fits their traits best.

Seems angry at you too often

People generally are very friendly even to strangers. However, jealousy will change this even amongst the best of friends. Many people find it hard not to show emotions when another party seems to be rolling on the success train while they are falling apart. Such a person will show anger or resentment for no reason.

Talking to the person, being your self and not letting success change you help. You should also help the person with his/her goals and always show empathy.

They are afraid

Jealousy, just like bullying, it's all founded on insecurity. A bully will want to reassure him/herself by picking on weaker people. A jealous person will feel intimated or lose self-esteem because someone else seems to be succeeding. A new house, a better paying job, a rich boyfriend, or sudden recognition are but a few of the intimidating factors.

The best way to handle such a person is by dealing with fear. This means understanding its origin, being supportive emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Jealous do lots of harm to many relationships. In fact, many people have committed heinous acts due to this. They have offended friends, injured loved ones, and in worse case scenarios even killed. Mentioned above are some ways you can tell that someone is jealous of you. You can always fix the situations so you can have a healthier relationship. Remember the "Green-Eyed Monster" is dangerous.