Japanese 'Toy Story' Shadow Box Brings Buzz & Woody To Life When No One's Looking

If you're familiar with the Toy Story franchise, you understand the importance of keeping the fact that toys are alive a secret. A display in Tokyo's Takashimaya mall, in partnership with Toy Story 4, brings this concept to reality in an impressive shadow box display.

1. They're Known As Toy Story Windows

Four windows featuring popular Toy Story characters were recently installed outside Shinjuku station. They depict the characters dancing and enjoying themselves. However, upon opening the windows, the toys are revealed to be lifeless.

2. Seriously, How Did They Do That?

It's amazing how in the Buzz Lightyear and Woody window, the characters appear in one location in the window, but when opened, they are in a completely different spot at the back of the box. It's as if they've magically moved. It's probably due to mini-films being used in the window, but it still adds to the illusion.

3. This Is How You Do Promotion

Japan has once again amazed with their advanced technology in the form of a display for the latest Disney film. While big billboards displaying the characters are impressive, the ability to bring to life one of the key elements of the series - the toys trying to avoid detection by humans - is truly inventive and an inspiration.

4. Why Aren't They Available To Buy?

The Toy Story shadow boxes made an incredible promotional display for the movie, but why not make mini versions available for purchase in the Disney Store? Everyone would want one as a collectible, and it would undoubtedly be a best seller. Disney should make it happen.