Jameela Jamil Quits Twitter After Elon Musk Buys It: "Best Of Luck"

Jameela Jamil Quits Twitter After Elon Musk Buys It: "best Of Luck"

History changed recently when Tesla CEO Elon Musk bought Twitter for a mind-boggling $44 billion. That might sound like a lot of money, but it is nothing more than chump change for a billionaire of Elon Musk's caliber.

The move proved to be pretty controversial, with many people saying they were done with Twitter after Musk bought it. Among them was Jameela Jamil, who was in The Good Place.

Elon Musk Officially Bought Twitter On Monday

Jameela Jamil Quits Twitter After Elon Musk Buys It: 'best Of Luck'

Tesla CEO and billionaire officially bought the social media platform this week. Nevertheless, his intentions to have a bigger ownership share in the popular platform were apparent much earlier.

It all started with Musk acquiring 9% of Twitter shares earlier in the year.

Then on April 14, he made an offer. He was willing to buy the rest of Twitter shares for $54.20 each, which meant he was willing to pay $41.4 billion.

Musk Called The Chance "The Final And Best Offer"

Many people have obviously thought about the platform's change of ownership, and Jameela Jamil has been among the most vocal people about the billionaire's acquisition of social media.

As soon as she learned that Musk had acquired the platform, she announced through her account that she was leaving Twitter.

At First, She Was Lighthearted And Humorous

In the first tweet she sent after learning of the news, she made fun of the trolls who had been trying to drive her off the platform for years. She said, "... it's a win-win for you all really."

Her Final Post Featured Her Dog Barold

In her last tweet on the platform, she shared pictures of her having fun with her dog. She also said that she was afraid that the "free speech bid" would turn the "hell platform" into a place for lawless hate, bigotry, and misogyny.

She Wished Everyone "Best Of Luck"

Nobody is sure how the social media platform will end up. Other celebrities, influencers, and creators may make a similar decision and leave the platform.

As Soon As Jameela Left, Many People Left Her Comments And Messages

A few hours after she left, people flooded her social media accounts with positive and negative comments. She shared her final tweet on Instagram, saying that her account was full of DMs because she had announced she was leaving Twitter.

She also wrote that "some angry white men are seemingly quite upset" with her decision.

Some People Accused Her Of Being Against Free Speech

Jameela Jamil Quits Twitter After Elon Musk Buys It: 'best Of Luck'

People keep telling her that she is against free speech for choosing to leave Twitter. Some went as far as saying that she was a dumb [expletive], while some threatened her with death.

Jameela went on to add that what she did not want was freedom of hate speech. She thought this would be damaging to the freedom of speech for those under oppression because they suffer many consequences for voicing their objection to oppression.

Jameela Thinks The New Platform Will Support White Male Entitlement

Jameela believes that nobody is safe as long as people think the negativity on the platform can be described as "freedom." The actress said that the platform was about to become "The Purge."

She said that she would rather be happy playing with her dog or eating cake for these reasons.

She Wants Freedom To Protect Her Sanity Instead

Jameela would like the freedom to speak her mind, "to not listen," and safeguard her sanity.

She pointed out that it was pretty obvious that many people wanted a chance to insult her on Twitter, which is why they were against her decision to leave. Jameela also clarified that many of them were flocking her DMs to say abusive things to her.

She feels that this is just a sign of things to come.

"They'll Fizzle Out And Go Back To Reddit Where They Came From"

Jameela predicted that once the abusive people on Twitter ran out of people to make biased jokes about or people to threaten or oppress, they would have no option but to go back to Reddit, "where they came from."

She then talked about how cute her dog was, which everyone seemed to agree on.

Other Celebrities And Famous Figures Have Discussed Leaving Twitter

Jameela Jamil Quits Twitter After Elon Musk Buys It: 'best Of Luck'

It is not only Jameela who has shared her horrific Twitter experience with the world. Other famous people have spoken of how the social media platform has been unkind to them.

Hopefully, everyone will arrive at a decision that will allow them to find peace during these trying times like Jameela seemingly has.