Jake Paul Says He's "Emotionally Hurt" After Tommy Fury Handed Him His First Ever Boxing Loss

After his long-awaited boxing match against Tommy Fury, Jake Paul has confessed to feeling "emotionally hurt" following his loss.

Last week's fight concluded with 23-year-old Fury walking away with both bragging rights and a substantial sum of prize money, as well as a WBC title. Meanwhile, Paul was left feeling crushed by his loss.

Subsequent to the bout, the 26-year-old individual who transformed from a YouTuber to a boxer, utilized social media to express to his supporters the intense emotional impact the fight had on him.

Following months of scheduling conflicts and rearrangements, Fury and Paul at last stepped into the ring last Sunday (26 February) at the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia, ready to don their boxing gloves and commence their long-awaited bout.

Upon the completion of eight eventful rounds, Fury emerged victorious and secured the $1 million prize money.

Moreover, the father-of-one didn't simply win the prize money, but he also received additional earnings.

According to Sports Zion, he was guaranteed a salary of $2 million, not including the 35 percent of the profits from Pay Per View streams.

To exacerbate the situation, Paul, who had frequently bragged about winning the championship, had to relinquish an additional $500,000 from his own earnings, resulting in Fury receiving a grand total of $6 million as his final payout.

Certainly an impressive sum for a single evening.

Although Paul was defeated, he asserted that he still earned a staggering $30 million from the match, so there's no need to feel too much pity for him.

Subsequent to the defeat, Paul utilized Twitter as a platform to convey his sentiments about the loss.

He began: "The business of the event was a massive success.

"[It] doesn't mean I'm not emotionally hurt by the loss."

Despite acknowledging that he was experiencing emotional pain, the boxing phenomenon assured his supporters that he wasn't going to "sit around and wallow."

Instead, Paul disclosed that he intended to employ the discomfort he was experiencing as a source of motivation.

"I am going to use that hurt to fuel my path forward to never feel this way again," he concluded.

Numerous supporters were keen to express their backing.

One Twitter user wrote: "Stay positive even through the loss and the bad."

"Keep your head up and keep on training. Looking forward to seeing what's next!" offered another.

A final fan added: "You win some. You lose some. That's life. Just got keep at it."

In actuality, the fight included a provision for a rematch if Fury emerged as the winner.

Thus, enthusiasts might have the opportunity to witness what Paul and Fury have planned next, as they will likely engage in another bout of boxing excitement in the future.