Jake Paul Officially Set To Fight Former UFC Champion Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul Officially Set To Fight Former Ufc Champion Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul will get in the ring with Tyron Woodley, a former UFC champion, on August 28. This is according to a message he posted on his Instagram account.

The 24-year-old YouTuber who has now turned into a boxer has millions of fans, and he has stated before that he has a list of people he plans on knocking out. He also added that he was thrilled to 'cross the first one off the list.'

Clearly, he was talking about Woodley. Paul has previously described the fighter as a "5-time UFC Champion known for his knockout power."

He has had some pretty harsh words for the fighter, however. He wrote that Tyron 'ran his mouth a little too much in the locker room' after Paul gave Tyron's friend, Ben, a knockout.

Because of this, the fighter ended up earning a place on the former YouTuber's 'Problem Child death list.'

However, knocking the seasoned fighter out might not be as easy as Paul suggests it will be.

The overconfident Paul admits that even though Tyron is an experienced fighter who has gone against the best MMA fighters in the world, he should prepare himself to be 'dropped by a Disney teen star in 2 rounds.'

He also had something to say to Dana White. Paul challenged him to be a 'man of his word' and put his money on his former champion instead of trying to diminish his success 'like a jealous ex.'

He concluded by saying:

"Influencer vs MMA… let's get it one. It's Showtime."

Woodley's Response

On Instagram, Woodley responded to Jake Paul saying "let the bodies hit the floor."

So far, Paul has enjoyed quite a successful career as a fighter, and he has already won against all his 3 opponents. His win over former UFC fighter Ben Askren was a shock to many.

He beat the seasoned fighter by knockout. The Paul-Woodley fight will take place in August 28.