Jake Paul Mocks Conor McGregor And Cuts Fight Offer From $50 Million To $10,000

Jake Paul Mocks Conor McGregor And Cuts Fight Offer From $50 Million To $10,000

After Conor McGregor's recent defeat, a lot of people were quick to make fun of him. Among them is YouTube celebrity Jake Paul.

A Humiliating Defeat For McGregor

No one expected to see Conor McGregor go down with a knockout in the second round against Dustin Poirier. Immediately, the Internet started mocking the MMA superstar for his defeat.

YouTuber and 'undefeated' boxer Jake Paul jumped on the bandwagon without hesitation. In the hope to get McGregor's attention, he posted a video on Instagram where he laughs at him with his friends.

Paul Wants To Meet McGregor On The Ring

For quite some time now, Paul tried to have a match with McGregor, offering him $50 million for a fight. The MMA celebrity, however, did not show any interest and ignored the offer.

Therefore, it is not surprising how the YouTube personality once more tried to get on McGregor's nerves. In the video, he lowers his offer to $10.000, implying his opponent would not be worth any more than that.

While this attitude is part of Paul's public persona, it probably will not be enough to secure the desired fight. To be sure, he is far from giving up on his attempts to provoke McGregor.

Will he manage to get his butt kicked, as he so desperately insists on? We are going to have to wait and see.