Jake Paul Dresses Up As Conor McGregor And His Entourage In Foul-Mouthed Video

Jake Paul Dresses Up As Conor Mcgregor And His Entourage In Foul-mouthed Video

Jake Paul is doing his best and pulling out all the stops to get a fight set up between him and Conor McGregor.

The Irish professional mixed martial artist and boxer seems to be next on the list of professional fighters that the YouTube star wishes to take on.

All the attention he's been getting from the YouTube community is only fueling the 23-year-old's antics.

His latest stunt sees him 'attacking' six people in a short video using impressions and accents.

Jake clearly aches to get into a ring with real fighters, and soon.

Foul-Mouthed Video

Jake targeted a handful of legends in the sporting world when he dressed up as Conor McGregor, Michael Bisping, and Dana White.

The video isn't very long but makes up for the length in its quantity of explicit content.

Jake started by imitating Nate Diaz, who is a former opponent of Conor's. While pretending to be Nate, Jake called himself a 'little blonde bitch'.

Next, he recreated the moment in which he attacked Dillion Dallis in a drive-by stunt earlier in December. (The attack was made with toilet paper, nothing fatal)

Jake also referenced another attempt at getting Nate's attention - when he FaceTimed Savannah Montano, Nate's girlfriend.

"He FaceTimed my girl. I don't know what to do, I don't want to fight him cause I'm only good at jiu-jitsu."

jake paul dresses up as conor mcgregor and his entourage in foul-mouthed video

The YouTuber even went as far as putting on a bald cap so he could imitate Dana White, the UFC President.

He referenced Dana's suggestion that he should take on Amanda Nunez.

Another reference saw him wearing an eye patch which is related to the eye injury that Michael Bisping suffered when facing Vitor Belfort.

Jake also wore a white jacket and sunglasses in one scene, making reference to Conor and Ben Askren, former welterweight.

"I'm getting out of the fight business, I'm telling you the whiskey is where it's at. F*** this little blonde kid."

Lots of references going on in Jake's video!

Desire To Fight

jake paul dresses up as conor mcgregor and his entourage in foul-mouthed video

Paul has publicly offered Conor $50 million to take him on and has since tried everything he can to work up the MMA fighter.

He only fought professionally twice now, so is relatively new to the pro fighting scene.

Still, he feels confident that he can take on masters and walk away as the winner.

After defeating Nate Robinson in November, Jake's on a 'winner's high' and looking to show off what else he can do.