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Jack Daniel's Southern Peach Is The Most Refreshing Way To Get Drunk In Summer

When it comes to alcohol, I'm not picky, but I do have to say that I'm a fan of Jack Daniel's. I usually enjoy their Tennessee Honey Whiskey on the rocks. On those hot summer days, though, I'm looking for something a bit lighter. Thankfully, Jack Daniel's Country Peach beverage seems to fit the bill!

This Drink Is Not Actually New

Jack Daniel's Country Peach beverage was released in 2017, but it seems like everyone is just now discovering how tasty it is and realizing what they've been missing out on. Well, better late than never!

Country Peach Is Part Of Jack Daniel's Country Cocktails Line

The Jack Daniel's malt-based beverages range has a lower ABV than their straight whiskey (this one has 4.8%), while still delivering the classic JD flavor. Country Peach is described as "a refreshing take on Southern Charm" and is flavored with natural peach.

They Are Available Pretty Much Everywhere

Jack Daniel's Country Peach has been out for a few years, so it should be easy to find in the US and Canada. It's sold in packs of six 10 oz. bottles, so you can either share it with friends or save some for later. This beverage makes an amazing party drink.

If Country Peach Isn't Your Thing, Jack Daniel's Has Other Options

In addition to Country Peach, the Country Cocktails line also includes Lynchburg Lemonade, Watermelon Punch, Cherry Limeade, Black Jack Cola, Downhome Punch, Berry Punch, and Southern Citrus. There's something for everyone in this range, or you could buy a case of each and have a little of everything available when you're in the mood for a particular flavor.