I've Tried To Move On, But I Can't — And I Hate It

Although we ended our relationship for good reason, I have to admit that I still love you, even though I've tried hard to move on and don't want to get back together. It's a dilemma I wish I didn't have to face.

1. The bad outweighed the good but my heart apparently doesn't think so

Despite the way you treated me poorly, I still love you, and it's frustrating that the negative experiences haven't erased the positive ones. Nonetheless, I realize that loving you doesn't justify returning to you, as your mistreatment of me remains a deal-breaker regardless of my feelings.

2. I wish I could forget your promises

You assured me of your eternal love and vowed never to cause me pain. What's devastating is that I trusted your "forever" promises every time, only to be let down. Though I feel foolish for believing in you, I still harbor deep affection, even after every broken commitment.

3. I'm ready to move on

Although I'm eager to move on, I can't shake off my lingering love for you. It's not attractive to potential partners to have feelings for an ex, and I understand why they would avoid that emotional baggage. I'm prepared to let you go, but I'm struggling to figure out how to stop loving you. I question whether it's even possible to leave you behind if I'm still holding onto these feelings.

4. You broke my heart

I've never felt heartbreak as intense as the one you inflicted on me. You completely upended my world, and it took me a considerable amount of time to regain my footing. Despite making progress, there's still one thing that eludes me: removing you from the special place you hold in my heart. You shattered me, and even after putting myself back together, I can't seem to shake off your memory.

5. I want to let go of all the plans we made

It's difficult for me to let go because we had envisioned a shared future, and I can't erase the plans we made. Your memory lingers in my thoughts and even in my dreams. I had desired to marry you, start a family, and spend the rest of our lives growing old together. Although I desire to move forward, I can't seem to release the future we envisioned together.

6. I think I'm really in love with the man you used to be

I despise the person you have become, but that doesn't negate the person I once loved. I yearn to erase the image of the man you are today from my mind, but the memories of the boy I fell in love with persist. You played a significant role in my life, and I find it challenging to release those memories. I don't want to hold onto my feelings for you, yet I can't help but love the person you once were.

7. I thought you were "the one"

I find it challenging to accept that we weren't meant to be, and it's tough to move beyond that notion. If you were genuinely my soulmate, then life dealt me a lousy hand. I had firmly believed that we would be together forever, and I can't seem to shake off that idea. Nonetheless, I don't want to be destined for you any longer because, despite my love for you, I recognize that we wouldn't have a happy ending.

8. I deserve so much better than the love you gave me

I'm a good woman, and I treated you with kindness, but you never valued me. You never appreciated the love I had for you. Instead of giving me your complete devotion, you always had one foot out the door, with other things on your mind. I deserved your unwavering commitment, but that was never a priority for you. I refuse to love a man who would neglect and disregard me like that again.

9. I was strong enough to walk away

Despite my strength, my love for you still persists. Even though I am aware that we should not be together, my feelings for you have not faded. While my head knows what's best for me, it can't control my heart. I'm glad that I had the courage to let you go, but I wish that same strength would aid me in moving on from you.

10. My heart wishes you were a better man

I desire a man who will inspire the best in me, but being with you only brings out the worst. Deep down, I acknowledge that you're not the right person for me, even though I wish you were. Despite my lingering feelings for you, I understand that I can't make a decision based on my heart alone. My head is aware of what's best. I want you to improve as a person, but I realize that I can't change you. That's why I yearn to move on and stop loving you.