I’ve Finally Learned – We Weren’t Meant For Each Other And That’s Okay

I waited to see whether you’d ever change. Whether you’d love me with the same amount of love I loved you with. But I was wrong. I just lost myself.

I used to look in the mirror and see a heartbroken person. I couldn’t manage even a fake smile. I could only see the dark circles under my eyes and the smear of make-up on my face from crying.

Although I knew I was ruining myself and my life, my heart couldn’t let go. I held on to the false hopes that one day I’d win your heart again. What I didn’t know was that the wounds would never heal and the heartbreak would be irreparable.

I used to blame you for breaking my heart, but not anymore. I’ve decided to accept what happened between us, and I have learned to live in the moment.

I’ve realized, no matter how much you love someone, you can’t make them love you back.

And that’s when I grew tired of waiting for your love.

I’m finally accepting that we weren’t meant for one another. Perhaps the universe has better plans for me. Plans I don’t know yet.

I’m distancing myself from you with the hope that it’ll be a peaceful healing process for my heart. I’m trying not to visualize how your life is settled while I’m just here struggling to fix the broken pieces of my heart. But I’m strong enough to heal this heartache.

I’ve also realized that maybe there’s someone perfect waiting for me out there.

A person who’ll not play hot or cold with me. Someone who’ll love and treasure me and always be there for me for support. He’ll never play with my feelings or take them for granted.

Time has made me realize you weren’t meant to be the perfect man for me. And I wasn’t the right woman for you.

Now that I know it, the heartbreak doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s the beauty of embracing the moment and letting someone go.

When I freed my heart from holding feelings for you, I was ready to find and reach out to myself again. I now understand that my happiness is the only thing that matters to me. After I healed my heartache, you became like any other person in the crowd who doesn’t matter to me anymore.

Letting someone go who you thought you can’t live without is liberating. I’ve detached myself from anything that concerns you, and it feels so great not relying on someone’s empty words and promises.

I’m whole again, and I don’t deserve undecided love. No one does.