I've Been With My Boyfriend For 2 Years, But We've Never Kissed

I've Been With My Boyfriend For 2 Years, But We've Never Kissed

Kaytlin O'Neall, 18-year-old TikToker, made a shocking confession. She revealed that she does not want to kiss a partner until they are married.

While some TikTokers commented that her "self-control" is inspiring, others told her that kissing is not "the end of the world."

Since she has a boyfriend of two years, Drew, some commentators assumed they were either "gay" or "just friends."

However, Kaytlin's views of relationships, though unconventional, are merely that: her opinions. If her boyfriend is fine with it, who are we to say that it is not OK?

In the follow-up video, the young woman and her boyfriend, Drew, said:

"We were best friends, and then we fell in love. So everything that we do is to protect and look forward to more in the future. I want to marry this girl with every fiber in my being, believe me."

Kaytlin always knew she wanted to save sex for marriage. The kissing part came later, as she said, "I ultimately landed on 'I don't want to kiss' because I wanted to save that for my future husband."

Her explanation is that kissing is an "intimate" act."

The couple is not judgmental regarding others, as she said: "Everyone has their own conviction. And you can all do it how you feel led to do it."

Perhaps they will rush to get married or wait and live together forever. There is no one formula for a successful relationship.

Still, in the age of fast love, this story is kind of weird, right?