I've Been Single For 3 Years And I'm Lonely AF

Initially, I relished my single status for some time. While I continue to appreciate the independence, lately I have developed a strong desire for a romantic partnership, which I didn't experience during the earlier stages of my solitude. Frankly speaking, I'm eager to discover my ideal match and it's frustrating that I haven't yet.

1. I'm only human and I crave companionship

For a considerable period of time, I relished my freedom and I plan to maintain my independence even in a relationship. However, I yearn for a companion to join me on the thrilling journey of life, as it's simply not as enjoyable alone. I'm more than ready to find the person I'm destined to love.

2. I love my freedom but I'm ready to be back in a relationship

I believe that making better choices and choosing wisely will lead to a truly fulfilling partnership. In the past, I had dysfunctional dating habits which caused problems. However, if I can improve my behavior, I know I'll be alright. I yearn for the opportunity to have a healthy, strong, and loving relationship with a guy.

3. I don't do casual sex so this is particularly rough for me

It's not in my nature to do it, and I acknowledge that. However, I can't accept the accompanying feeling of frustration. There's nothing more difficult than longing for the emotional and physical intimacy that a relationship offers, and yearning for affectionate touch.

4. I miss having that special closeness with another human being

If I yearn for the imperfect relationships of my past, I can only imagine how amazing it would be to find someone who truly understands and loves me for who I am. The longing for it is so intense that I search relentlessly for it, feeling like I might fall apart.

5. I'm holding out for the right person but the loneliness is maddening

I refuse to settle anymore, I simply won't do it. The downside is that I have to endure loneliness for much longer than I'd prefer. At times, I get incredibly angry with the universe for not bringing me to my true love yet. After all, why shouldn't I have the chance for happiness?

6. I'm OK being single sometimes but I'm also a hopeless romantic

Can you keep a secret? As confident, self-sufficient, and practical as I am, I secretly crave the feeling of being deeply in love. I yearn for that intense, profound, and enduring love that lasts a lifetime, and I'm not embarrassed to say it. I'm simply afraid that it may never happen for me.

7. I'm getting older and dating is getting tougher

It's not the same as it was back in my twenties, when most people were still single. Even if someone was in a relationship, it was common for them to break up eventually. However, after my last relationship ended, I looked around and realized that the dating pool had significantly decreased.

8. I keep watching my friends Settle down and it feels weird

Things have changed from the past when I knew that my friends' relationships were likely to end at some point. Now, they are discovering their life partners, getting engaged and married. Before long, they'll start having children, and although that's not what I want, I fear I'll be left behind on my own.

9. I don't need anyone but I do want someone

It's not about necessity, as nobody truly needs another person, but I do desire someone, and at this stage, my longing is intense. I'm weary of sleeping alone, of not having anyone to embrace, cuddle, laugh with, or share profound thoughts with. I crave that special someone in my life.

10. I miss touch so intensely that I feel crazy sometimes

I often make excuses to hug people, as sometimes I can go an entire day without any contact with humans or even animals. It's crazy. I believe we underestimate the impact of touch and how it can affect us negatively when we lack it.

11. I'm finding my ability to connect with potential partners is lessening

As I age, my social circles shrink, and most individuals in them are already in relationships. Those who aren't, for some reason or another, we don't seem to click. As I grow older, my options are dwindling, and I'm becoming more particular, which isn't the best combination.

12. I crave a kindred adventure partner

It appears easy, but in reality, it's complicated because I won't form that unique bond with just anyone. It has to be the correct person, and when it occurs, it will feel natural. However, I don't know when or if that will ever happen.

13. I adore love and I miss it

I can't control it. I believe that falling in love is the most incredible emotion in the world. After years of being alone, all I desire now is to be passionately in love with someone who shares the same feelings for me. I'm so eager to meet the right person that I feel as if I'll burst if it doesn't happen soon. This form of loneliness is unbearable.