It's Worth Waiting For A Lover Who Will Also Be Your Best Friend

It’s Worth Waiting For A Lover Who Will Also Be Your Best Friend

Life is fleeting. Change is the only constant, and years can fly by faster than you can imagine. You could be here today but be completely gone tomorrow. In an instant, everything could change forever. All you held dear could be gone.

Which is why it is worth considering whether you should just let anyone into your life.

Can you really afford to give your precious life to a person who does not deserve it?

Your goal should be to make every moment of your life worthwhile.

It is also the reason you should wait for the person who truly deserves a place in your life. A lover should be something more, they should be your best friend too.

You should not settle for anything less.

The right person will help you achieve your dreams. They'll be there to help you when you are feeling low and hold your hand when you need someone to show you the way.

A lover who is also your friend will bring out the best in you and make your hidden strengths even greater.

It is worth waiting on someone who will go out of their way to ensure that you reach your goals. They should be someone who won't shy away from facing the dark side of you.

So, be patient and wait for someone who will wait for you to fall in love. The right person will ensure that your dreams and hopes about love come true.

With the right person, you will truly believe that true love exists. The right person for you will do all they can to ensure that you are happy.

A true friend will fight for you regardless of what comes your way. The passion you share will never die as long as you are with this person.

One look is all it will take to change your mood and brighten your day. A single touch will make you burn with passion.

A lover who is also your friend will give you the best hugs, and you will find comfort in their welcoming arms. Their desire will be to keep you safe and protected, and they will see a friend in you as well as a lover. They will have no problem revealing what is in their soul, including the darkness that they carry with them.

Therefore, keep waiting for someone who makes your heart race, someone who brings a smile to your face and makes you feel alive and elevated when in their presence.

Be patient until someone comes along who can hear you out when you tell your stories. Be with someone who makes it easy to say what is in your heart. This is someone who will give you comfort when you are feeling distressed.

More importantly, wait for someone who will want nothing other than to share their world with you and spend their life with you. Your lover should also be a true friend who cannot imagine a future without you. They should be that special friend who promises and makes an effort to be by your side forever, loving you and giving you all they can to make sure you are happy with your life.