It's Unacceptable: 5 Toxic Behaviors You Shouldn't Put Up With

It’s Unacceptable: 5 Toxic Behaviors You Shouldn’t Put Up With

Toxic, unhealthy behaviors come from various people at different stages of your life. The only thing connecting them is that you should not put up with it!

Dealing with toxic people is hard because you cannot resonate with them. The only thing you should do is recognize unhealthy behavior and remove yourself from the situation.

Here are some of the most common behaviors you should never tolerate:


It's not always easy to know when you're being manipulated. Usually, it takes some reflection to realize which techniques a person used to get whatever they needed from you.

They can play the victim card, use mind games or compliments, but end it when you feel uncomfortable. Don't bother calling them out; they'll find a way to make you the bad guy.


Jealous, possessive behavior isn't a compliment. It's not a sign of love or respect; it's the exact opposite.

We all get jealous feelings, but the fact that you recognize that behavior as toxic means that you're not a poisonous person. Those who don't will manipulate and even abuse people, break their boundaries, and pack your things and leave at the first sign of this.


Body shaming, slut-shaming, malicious comments towards your accomplishments are all examples of toxic behavior.

We tend to judge, but if a person puts efforts to bring someone down and make them feel bad, it's time to cancel that person.


Though gaslighting is a form of manipulation, it has a special place among behaviors no one should put up with.

The victim of gaslighting starts to doubt their sanity, so the consequences are often fatal.

The moment you feel like someone's messing with your reality, run!


It's perfectly normal to have good and bad days. But, if someone continuously is in a negative mindset, you need to remove yourself from that person.

Constant negativity is like poison: it drains your energy and your self-worth. Some people aren't aware of their negativity, while others use it to wear down their victims.

It doesn't matter if someone experienced offensive attention or not. Don't let your life get ruined by toxic friendships and relationships. A good partnership will let you grow, while a malicious one will make you feel like you're always doing the wrong thing.