It's Time You Stopped Arguing With Manipulative People

It’s Time You Stopped Arguing With Manipulative People

When you are a good person, it's hard to imagine that some people genuinely have bad intentions. But these people exist.

They always put themselves first, and their relationships are always about how they can benefit themselves.

They aren't even above destroying lives to get what they want.

You might know them as manipulators. More importantly, you need to watch out for these people before destroying your heart and soul with their sick twisted games and selfish ambitions.

Here are ways to guard yourself against the evil and often overwhelming power of the ravenous manipulator.

1. Learn To Say No

Once you know you are dealing with a manipulator, be ready to say a firm "no" to any crazy requests made to you. Don't argue because that is the trick they use to turn your no into a yes.

If you argue, the manipulator will have time to attack your opinions and convince you to see things their way, and that will mean doing what they want you to do.

But watch out. Manipulators don't like this word and the immense power it has over them. So, things might get crazy. But you can always get help if things get too out of control.

2. Be Resilient

Manipulators like to wear their victims out so they can agree to their crazy wishes. So, whenever you get into an argument with a manipulator, stand your ground and give them no chance to make you change your opinions.

Note that they often like to get you to do things their way by saying things that make you guilty, so you get defensive and vulnerable. Knowing this tactic and countering it will make you an impossible target for a manipulator.

3. Know Where You Stand

It's hard to defend yourself if you don't even have a stand. Manipulators like people who have lots of self-doubts. That means they can convince you to see things their way and do what they want.

So, give them as little information as possible when talking with them, and certainly don't make it clear you have no idea what the best decision is. That will deny them the power to persuade you to do things their way.

4. Have Confidence

There are few things manipulators like more than people with low self-esteem. They sniff around for this personal weakness and use it to their advantage to make you do their bidding.

So, even if you are not so sure of yourself, project confidence and the manipulator will second-guess their abilities to turn you into easy prey.

Don't give in to their persistent demands and maintain your confidence and they will have no option but to walk away.

5. If Everything Fails

Manipulators can be very persistent and they can overwhelm you with their requests, so you say yes to them. So, none of the defenses above may work out as intended, especially when the stakes are really high for them.

In such a scenario, you can say, "I need you to stop bothering me about this," or "I need you to speak more calmly," and so forth. By saying "I need you…" you show the manipulator you are in charge, not them.

The next time you are face to face with a manipulator, you will know what to do with these simple tips. The idea is to ensure you don't put yourself in a position where they convince you to do what they want.