It's Time You Cut Off Those Unhealthy Attachments

It’s Time You Cut Off Those Unhealthy Attachments

A moment comes when you are so out of it. You feel completely spent, and the problem is made worse by the realization that the source of your woes is someone very close to you.

Then you finally muster the courage to cut them loose.

It seems like a final victory. The source of your headache is finally gone.

And then you realize that emotionally, not much has changed.

If that's the case, then you have something called an 'etheric cord.'

Don't know what this means? No worries

An etheric cord is like a link between two people. It could be the connection between a parent and the child, two siblings, two lovers, colleagues, and the like.

When this cord exists, energy flows from one person to the other usually. But at other times, the energy flow is one-sided, and it goes from one person to the other and never the other way round.

The problem is that the relationship you had might be gone, but the connection might still be there, sucking your good vibes and draining you physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

You Will Know You Have Strong Etheric Cords When You See The Following

- Mental arguments with people

- Being an emotional wreck

- Trouble sleeping

- Inability to move on

- Forgetfulness

- Profound and unexplained feelings of sadness, anger and despair because of the past.

- Stalking someone from the past

- Inability to let go of ills done against you in the past

- Little or no interest in other relationships or interests

- Long for revenge on those who wronged you

- Turning down offers and invitations

- Inability stop thinking about the person

- Temptations to go back to a relationship that failed.

- Feeling trapped in the past.

Let's Cut Those Cords And Set Ourselves Free

Find some place quiet.

Shut your eyes and imagine yourself having energy cords extending from all over your body. Think of all the bad cords that exist and influence your direction in life.

Then, in your mind, imagine holding a sharp sword. Feel how powerful this sword is and the mighty grip you have on it. Now, make a declaration. You want to cut off the shackles that hold your back.

Lift the sword and cut away the cords and see yourself reaching a victorious climax whereby a light comes down upon you as these cords are cut away. Feel the power and the satisfaction this light offers. Bask in its glorious redemption.

Now, focus on the ground you are standing on and slowly bring yourself back to reality.

You will have to do this a couple of times before you feel its impact. But wherever you feel like the emotional strain is becoming too much for you to handle follow this procedure.

It might not feel like it works at first, but over time, every part of this process will make sense and you will finally be free of the cords that have been holding you back.