It's Time To Start Hanging Your Christmas Decorations Earlier

It’s Time To Start Hanging Your Christmas Decorations Earlier

What do you know, it is already that time of year again! You thought I was going to say, "time to start drinking pumpkin spice lattes and eat all things pumpkin," right? No, it is time for that debate. You know when to put up our Christmas decorations. This is one of the most debated situations there could be. People can be extremely passionate about this, on both sides. Who's right? Many years ago, it followed Christmas and Thanksgiving and then putting up our Christmas decorations. Today, it seems many are starting to decorate much earlier, as a matter of fact, as soon as Halloween is over. No seriously, like the moment the clock strikes midnight, and it turns November 1st, they are dragging out their Christmas decorations. Well, who is right on this debate?

The magical Christmas cheer

There are millions of people who fall into this category. For these people decorating simply can't come quick enough and all of the fall and winter holidays are considered the "holiday season." They like to extend the Christmas cheer as long as they possibly can.

Time and place for everything

For many, there is a time and place for everything. We follow the calendar. It's Halloween, Thanksgiving, then Christmas. We have a calendar for a reason so, with that said, we should follow it along with the holidays, right? Each holiday should have its own time to shine.

It's just the tradition

Many are superstitious that putting your tree up before Thanksgiving is a big no. It could just be that you believe it is pure craziness to put your tree up before Thanksgiving. Also, what is with the Christmas decorations up before Halloween anyway? Or, you might want to celebrate Thanksgiving without all the twinkly lights and garland and just celebrate Thanksgiving for the holiday it is and let it have its time to shine.

It would be best if you weren't a scrooge

There were recent studies that resulted in the consensus that there really isn't a "right or wrong" answer to the debate about putting up your tree. It might surprise you that it isn't as sacrilegious as you would think about decorating earlier. Many more are starting to do it.

It gives a happiness boost

Today, people deal with so much stress and anxiety daily, putting up their decorations can remind them of their childhood and bring them back to a time of happiness without the weight of the world on their shoulders. Decorating brings them back to that emotional, magical fantasy land that can anchor them and bring them some joy in this chaotic world.

A great way to spread cheer

As those leaves begin to change color and fall to the ground, those who begin to bust out those holiday decorations, there is scientific evidence that they may be on the right path in the terms of happiness and health. So, the earlier you begin to decorate, the happier you could become.

Bring out the friendliness in neighbors

"According to the Journal of Environmental Psychology, decorations can also be the perfect conversation starter. All those stringed lights, Christmas inflatables adorning your yard, scented holiday candles, and red velvet bows can give others in the neighborhood the impression that you're friendly and accessible," says This is the perfect time to hold those holiday parties, get festive, and be social.

Opportunity to make more friends

With all the Christmas parties and events, it is an excellent opportunity to meet new people and be more social. Making a new friend and expanding your circle is just another bonus of decorating early.

Decorating just feels good

There is actual physical proof that decorating for the holidays can boost your mood, according to psychologist Decorah Serani. When you are all happy decorating, scientific studies have found it causes a dopamine mood boost in our brain. Serani explains that Christmas decorations are a therapy that calms our minds and mood.

Simply a mood booster

How can that fresh aroma of a Christmas tree or the lovely sight of beautifully lit up trees in all their glory affect us? All the beautiful colors and lights could be chromotherapy which is thought to increase those energy levels and give a boost to your happiness. As writes, "Good point. Excuse us while we go dig out the Christmas decorations."