It's Time To Say Goodbye To What Is Not Good For Me

It’s Time To Say Goodbye To What Is Not Good For Me

I love myself, and anybody or anything that is not good for me should not be in my life. I am good at holding on, but I am learning to let go. I think that learning to let go is an essential part of growing up.

I just don't see the point of holding on to people who don't bring happiness to my life anymore. Just because they made me happy at a certain point does not mean they will always be good for me. I have realized that what made me happy in the past will not necessarily make me happy forever.

Everybody has a different outlook on life and the world. If anybody tries to impose his or her outlook on me, then it's time to think about stepping away from that person. To stay positive it's important to stay away from emotions and people that only add negativity to your life. To grow as a person, I think it is important to learn to say goodbye and not look back.

The invisible clutches and the entanglements keep draining the life out of me. To stay fully alive it is important to recognize those chains that tie me down. Just because I cared for somebody at one point does not mean I will make myself suffer to hold on to them. Time changes, people change, situations change, and I must adapt and grow with the changes all around me.

It is natural for all of us to build a comfort zone around us, but when the comfort zone binds us, it is no longer comfortable. I no longer see a point in staying glued to anything that I think is not good for me. The pointless entanglements did not just drain the life out of me, but they put me in a vicious cycle. A vicious cycle in which the same things hurt me over and over again. Now that I can see the vicious cycle and the entanglements that bind me and hurt me over and over again, it's time to say goodbye.

As humans, we tend to get attached to situations, time, things, and people. I don't find anything wrong with that, but a lot of them make me shrink instead of growing. To grow as a person, I believe it is necessary sometimes to get out of the comfort zone and clear out what makes me shrink.

I see a lot of freedom in clearing out the emotional baggage and clutter. I have the heart to feel, and I want to feel what feels right. If some of the feelings that I have acted as a burden, what's the point? Now, I think that I am ready for the new challenges and anything that sets me back, I have no time for it anymore.

To grow as a person, I think it is important not to carry any emotional baggage. The emotional clutter only adds to the confusion in my life, and it's not worth my time. Now, I am ready to set myself up for the new challenges, and now it's time to say goodbye to everything that's not good for me anymore.