It's Time Home Economics Class Makes A Comeback, Kids Have No Basic Life Skills

It’s Time Home Economics Class Makes A Comeback, Kids Have No Basic Life Skills

We have grownups who can't prepare a decent meal, fix the simplest things around the home, or even handle their personal finances.

Seriously, what has become of modern generations?

In The Good Old Days, Girls Could Sew And Boys Could Use Various Tools

They were taught these things as they grew up in Home Economics classes.


Life skills are always important. And yet we don't teach them to our kids anymore. Most parents, as long as they can manage it, are comfortable catering to the needs of their kids.

But they are too busy to spend any time mentoring them so they become independent adults.

We get that the concept of family and its pre-historic gender roles has changed. And we are mostly happy about it.


But People Cannot Survive On Book Knowledge Alone

At the end of the day, theories serve little purpose in the real world if the learner has no skills to put them into practice.

Mastering complex mathematical concepts are important. But learning to cook, dress up a wound, and fix a broken faucet when it threatens to drown everything in your home is just as important.


Honestly, Some Schools Try To Teach About Family, Finances, Health And Safety

But they don't go all the way.

The quality of their lessons is at best underwhelming, and that's no way to raise an independent adult.

Then there are those who don't believe home economics has any relevance in our modern society. But others, I included, believe it could have a great impact on our society.


It Is Very Important That Our Kids Learn To Save Money And Budget Properly

Lacking such skills leads many to ruin their lives. Everybody should also learn to manage their time better.

Children who have been raised by television know little about basic life skills, which to many seem like boring chores unworthy of their attention.


But are they really?

These days, many things are getting out of hand because people are not learning these simple skills. Managing personal finances has become an issue for many people, even those with well-paying jobs. And the problem is that they didn't get a chance to learn these important skills growing up.

And let's be honest, the education system cares more about helping people secure employment than assisting them to become responsible adults who can make the best of their lives.


This is where home economics came in. People learned to care for their homes and keep things running smoothly whether the economy or the job situation was bad or not.

But maybe home economics died off because there was no longer a place for it in the modern world.

But what are your thoughts on this?

Do you think we should bring back these classes? Or should we completely forget about them as we are busy doing?