It's Simple: If He Isn't Pursuing You, He Doesn't Want To Be With You

It’s Simple: If He Isn’t Pursuing You, He Doesn’t Want To Be With You

Finding the right guy to give all your love to can be a challenging task

Especially when you find yourself infatuated with a man who is a master of "mixed signals". The Ups and Downs of this weird love game will have you questioning yourself and the situation left and right. But let's be realistic for a moment, because it's pretty simple: if he isn't pursuing you, he doesn't want to be with you.

We aren't trying to put all men on blast because there are GOOD men out there

Men with genuinely kind hearts who only have your best interests in mind. But for every good man in the world, there must be a bad. It's the balance of the universe.

It's hard to imagine that no woman has ever encountered a man like this before. A man who will show up when HE wants to and only when it is convenient for him. The kind of guy to give you just enough to keep you interested and guessing, but will never fully commit to you and all you have to offer.

This type of man is the "Ultimate Time Waster"

Time and time again he will let you down, continuously putting his own wants and needs in line before your own.

He may like you, he may say so and occasionally put in a decent amount of effort to keep you on his string. But love is a word defined by actions, not words. He may say the things you want to hear, but if he is not proving them through his daily actions, he is most certainly not the one for you. He will waste your time, EVERY TIME.

Men naturally pursue. When they see something they like, they go for it

When they find themselves really enjoying you and your company, the persistence increases without them even noticing. You will wake up to good morning texts, maybe they will bring you lunch at work, they'll call you in their free time just to catch up and ask about your day. Or maybe they will tell you about theirs. A man who is interested in you will open up on a more emotional level and confide in you with things they wouldn't discuss with their friends.

This connection will feel natural

Love is natural. It is beautiful and relaxing and the calm every woman needs after a long day against the world.

If the guy you like isn't pursuing you, he's just not that interested, and it's time to move on. The confusion and hurt that comes with liking a man like this is 100% NOT worth it. The deeper you go, the more difficult it is to get out again. Love shouldn't feel confusing. You shouldn't be going to sleep confused and hurt and wondering what he is doing, who he is with, and what he is thinking.

There are really amazing men in the world that would do anything to see you smile. And you're missing out on REAL happiness waiting for the wrong guy to realize how worth it you really are.

If you have to convince him to care, he never will.