There are some men out there who are intimidated by a strong woman. She is clear about what she wants and he is unprepared to give it. Of course, she ends up considered someone with too high standards. In reality, she just knows her worth.

He is intimated because he knows deep down that he probably isn’t good enough. He accuses her of being picky or high maintenance. However, the truth tends to be that he’s just unwilling to give her what she needs.

Maybe she’s too picky about men or refuses to go out with him. It’s not because she is shallow, nor is it because she needs a certain income. All she really wants is someone who is mature enough to see that she is worth moving mountains for. In turn, she will move mountains for him.

This is her secret: she is a woman ready to give everything to the man she loves. She will love him like no one else. With all her strength and everything she has.

She will not give you all of herself while you give her just what you feel like. She will not treat you like a king while you treat her like she was lucky to land on your radar at all.

She will not waste her time teaching him how to grow up and mature. She will expect him to know what he wants with his life.

She values herself and will settle for nothing less than what she knows she deserves. And when she finds that one, she will give him more than he could ever imagine.

If you think that a great boyfriend is one who simply texts back every once in a while or makes time to buy flowers for special occasions, then you’re going to have to rethink what you believe to be great boyfriend material.

Not cheating or not being abusive should not be on your list of qualities, it should be a given. It is something that is expected simply because you are a man.

Being loyal, faithful and putting in effort are not some sort of special treatment, they are part of a normal relationship.

A real relationship, one that is mature and healthy doesn’t appreciate faithfulness it takes it for granted. It is part of your job, not something to be praised on.

A woman who waits for that one person who she knows is worth her time isn’t high-maintenance, she is a woman who knows her worth and is willing to wait around for it.