It's Not Hard To Find A Boyfriend; It's Hard To Find A Guy Worth Giving That Title To

It’s Not Hard To Find A Boyfriend; It’s Hard To Find A Guy Worth Giving That Title To

There are many guys around willing to get into an intimate relationship with a woman. Unfortunately, not every man that comes your way is worth the title of a boyfriend. Here are the behaviors that make several men not worth the title.

Many are insecure

Women are increasingly becoming more powerful and stronger. They are beginning to view men as unnecessary in their lives. This is making guys insecure. They know that they cannot measure up to several women's expectations and the only thing they can do is to feel insecure.

They are angry

Several movies such as Star Wars and The Force Awakens have portrayed women as strong. This is a true definition of the modern woman. Men are getting angry about this fact because to them; women have no right to be in power.

Guys have become lazier

Men are increasingly becoming lazier than they used to be. Their laziness is not only portrayed in their approach to life but also shows it in their approach to relationships and love. They are not even trying to make life better. They are content with their mediocrity.

Men no longer respect themselves

Most men no longer have respect for themselves. How do you even expect them to respect women? Every single day there are reports about sexual assault and sexual harassment against women. This kind of behavior shows men's total disrespect against women and themselves.

Guys now prefer sitting back and complaining

Men have taken over the nagging role. They have one complaint after another starting from their love life to how the government is against them. They demand to be respected without thinking that they should work hard to earn respect.

Guys feel entitled to women

There are a bunch of disrespectful men who think that women were put on earth specifically for them. Reject him, and he will accompany you with all sorts of insults telling you how you are a bitch, a whore, and all kinds of disrespectful words.

Most are losers and f*ckboys

F*ckboys are on the rise. These kind of men are not interested in any commitment and would instead prefer a casual date and sleeping around with any woman who comes his way.

Guys have not grasped the quality thing

There are very few male feminists if any. Most men will only claim to be feminists to impress a woman, but deep inside, he has yet to embrace the whole thing. No woman would want to be in a relationship with someone who doesn't understand the women's problems.

Many men are suffering from mediocre man syndrome

Women continue to become more successful and stronger in the community. They are more independent, and this is making men feel inferior. They, however, refuse to accept this and hence suffer from mediocre syndrome.

Men are no longer a commodity

Because women have become independent, they no longer value men as they used to. Because of this, men have grown resentful of their female partners for being better than them. No woman would want to date a guy with such a level of mediocrity.