It's More Stressful Staying With Kids At Home Than Going To Work, Shows Study

It’s More Stressful Staying With Kids At Home Than Going To Work, Shows Study

When you have children, your dream is to spend as much time as possible around them. As they say, children are a blessing, and they should make a home feel complete, warm, and full of love and hope.

Heck, children have even made couples previously looking at divorce papers willing to make their marriages work.

But also, having kids is a responsibility. And responsibilities can be very burdensome and stressful. In fact, many people have been on the brink of losing their minds over their kids.


Children Are A Lot To Handle

You have to feed them, school them, discipline them, make them have fun, raise them into responsible adults, and deal with their endless shenanigans.

Few things can be this draining, especially with a newborn who can't be out of your sight for long. Toddlers take every ounce of energy you can afford, including your freedom to sleep.


However Strong You Are, The Stress Inevitably Gets To You As A Parent

And yet, you will get judged for staying with your kids at home while everyone is 'working.'

You are counted among the people not working as you don't bring any money into your partner's home.


But that's totally unfair. Stay-at-home parents are usually doing a lot more than their counterparts at 'work' are.

No wonder many moms seem so eager to get to work after having a baby. Trust me. If taking care of a baby was really a "leave" as everyone likes to call it, they would be anxious to stretch it out as much as possible.

A study in the UK confirmed this fact by showing staying at home with kids was more stressful than going to work.


In Total, 1,500 Moms And Dads Were Involved In The Study

They were also from various industries and backgrounds.

About 31% claimed that staying at home can be just as stressful as going to work. Also, 40% claimed to have become less judgmental of new parents when they got their first child.


Around 39% said that they were always exhausted.

Surprisingly, even the presence of a strong support system did not make things easy for everyone. 55% of the parents claimed to have found the experience daunting despite having a strong support system.

Social Media Has Not Helped Things Either

With 71% of the parents saying social media has made parenting more competitive and stressful, it's clear parenting in the age of social media is an even greater challenge.


Additionally, 27% of the parents felt they were under lots of pressure to be perfect. Finally, 42% of parents understood what unconditional love meant after getting their first babies.

Rebeca Bennet from Aveeno Baby, the entity behind the study, explained the joys and challenges of being a parent and what can be done to make things better:

"Becoming a parent is an amazing experience. But we understand that entering this new chapter of life can also bring with it a great deal of stress and worry, so we wanted to discover more about what new parents experience in the first few years, what they wish they had known and how best we can support them."


In conclusion, having a kid is not a walk in the park. The experience can be stressful and can bring a lot of pressure, especially on the stay-at-home parent. So, while it's true that having a child is a blessing and a noble undertaking, new parents need to understand that the process is complicated and full of challenges. And so, stay-at-home parents need all the support they can get because their job is usually more stressful than regular work, which many people don't seem to understand.