It's "Hot Chubby Girl Summer" And I Won't Cover Up My Body

It's "hot Chubby Girl Summer" And I Won't Cover Up My Body

Emily Bispo, a 23-year-old body-positive influencer, has decided she won't cover up regardless of what people say. She has called this season a "hot chubby girl summer."

In a video she has shared on social media, she can relax by the pool in a bikini.

Her stomach is exposed for all to see in an attempt to send a message to those saying she should hide her body.

Why People Have An Issue With Her Body

In the clip, she tags a message she appears to have gotten from one of her haters: "You should probably cover up, that's not very flattering."

The body-positive lady is not about to let the comment make her less satisfied with her body. Her response is, "It's hot chubby girl summer, mind ur business!"

Emily Loves To "Keep It Real"

The influencer's goal is to keep it real and spread love and empowerment for all sizes. For this reason, she has gotten many mean comments from people who think she should be rail-thin.

However, Emily loves herself as she is and would like other people to do the same.

She Inspires Many Women

Amid all the rude comments, some people also pointed out that her attitude towards her body inspired them. One of these people declared:


Another confessed, "This makes me feel safe," while a third added, "You make me feel so much better about myself."

Yet another person heaped praises on Emily by telling her:

"You literally don't know how much effect u have on me!"

We Need Influencers Like Emily


It’s hot chubby girl summer, mind ur business!

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Emily is telling women out there that they are beautiful and valuable regardless of their sizes. She wants these ladies to stop feeling ashamed of what they see in the mirror based on people's opinions about the ideal woman's body.

She wants women to love themselves and embrace their looks without hiding from the world regardless of what haters have to say.