It's Better To Be Single Than With Someone Who Doesn't Deserve You

It’s Better To Be Single Than With Someone Who Doesn’t Deserve You

You're scared of being single? You don't have to be on your own to feel lonely. In fact, some relationships can destroy you while being on your own can teach you valuable lessons.

We are so busy trying to get coupled up, that we forget that there are far worse things than being single. Not many relationships are fulfilling and meaningful. The rest of the time we are living on our own, despite not officially being single. Things can get worse.

You'll regret wasting your time

You think you're with someone, but you know it's not it. Your relationship is fake, but what's even worse, you're not allowing yourself to grow and admit that you're better off on your own. Ultimately, you will start to regret the time you spent with a partner who didn't deserve you.

During that time, you could've met someone more interesting. Or working on your self-improvement.

It doesn't matter what you do as long as you're moving forward. Being stuck in a meaningless relationship is the exact opposite.

You may feel like they are draining your energy

Some people are emotional vampires. Sounds scary, because these people do turn positive into negative, and leave us barely breathing.

If you are spending time with someone who doesn't deserve you and treats you accordingly, your energy level will suffer. No one should be able to break your spirit, but they are only doing that because you are letting them.

The moment you say "that's enough," your problems will go away. And you'll be back to being single and fabulous.

You're not learning what you truly need

You made a choice to spend your time with a person that's not good enough. Now that you know that it wasn't your finest choice, it's time to make sure that you don't make the same mistake twice.

That's why you should rethink your priorities and start learning more about yourself and your needs. By being single and by reflecting on what you truly want, you're allowing yourself to be more conscious about your next partner.

You deserve someone who deserves you

It sounds confusing, but it's quite simple. You have to learn to be your own hero, your best friend. In the process, you will appreciate all that you have to offer.

Now, your current situation isn't ideal, but the sooner you start thinking more about yourself, the sooner you'll realize that you deserve more.

Some may think you're picky or selfish. Let them be: it's your life, your heart, and your time. Settling down will never be an option once you realize that you are plenty enough. That's when the real love will find its way to you.

You're a work in progress, so make some

The road to being with someone, while being at peace with yourself, is not always easy. It's a process, and the first step is to realize that being in a relationship doesn't mean a thing, if that someone doesn't appreciate you.

The next step is discovering what it is that you want and accepting that you deserve better. That's why it's vital to have your "me time."

Finally, you'll understand just how lonely you were in your toxic relationship. Then you're ready to either meet someone great or continue your best single life!