It's Better To Be Single Than Being With Someone Who Doesn't Appreciate You

It’s Better To Be Single Than Being With Someone Who Doesn’t Appreciate You

Some people invite pain, confusion, and emotional exhaustion into their lives so the world can see they are in a relationship. But it's many times better to remain single than to be with someone who makes you doubt their love and makes your life a living hell.

There is a way you deserve to be treated. When someone is yours, they should give you their undivided attention.

Your happiness should be one of their top priorities. At no point should this person bring a lack of fulfillment and love into your life?


But to make it clear what the right relationship should give you, here are five things you should consider when deciding if to remain single or be in a relationship.

The right relationship should make you feel cherished, loved, and happy. So, avoid any relationship that has any of these problems.

1. Being Made To Doubt Your Self-Worth

We want those we love to know how much they mean, not only to us but also to the world. So, someone who truly loves you will motivate you to be your best self.


They desire to make you achieve your greatest goals in life. They appreciate your kindness, love, beauty, abilities, and achievements.

No one who couldn't care less about such things is worth a place in your life.

2. Feeling Drained

A healthy relationship should not cause you mental anguish and drain you emotionally. If you always feel overwhelmed and stressed, then you should be in a different relationship.


A partner who constantly makes you feel drained will not also bring joy and happiness into your life and is not worth keeping in your life.

3. Lack Of Acceptance

When you truly love someone, you love them and all they are. Their quirks, habits, fears, and insecurities should not get in the way because love is stronger than that.

And so, don't be with someone who constantly criticizes your weaknesses and makes you feel like crap.


4. Being Made To Question Their Feelings For You

When someone loves you, you will know it because they will easily express this sentiment whenever the chance arises.

If you constantly doubt if someone loves you or not, then that's a bad sign for the relationship and it means you might be better off on your own.

In a good relationship, your partner's behavior assures you of their feelings for you.


5. Getting Second-rate Treatment

Once you love someone, you ensure they become your greatest priority by giving them your best attention. Time with them is always precious, and you make sure they understand they mean the world to you.

So, anyone who only chooses you for lack of other options is not really worth a place in your life.

It's always worse being in a bad relationship than being single, however badly you want to have a partner. So, avoid getting yourself into a bad relationship by watching out for the above issues.