It's Always Better To Be Single Than Fight For The Bad Relationship

It’s Always Better To Be Single Than Fight For The Bad Relationship

What are you doing? Being single scares you? Do you think you can change them? That's not going to happen, so better embrace single life instead of fighting for the wrong kind of love.

We are slowly learning that ending up single isn't the end of the world. The problem is that we were sold on the idea of romance and love. It's been that way since the dawn of time. Love is incredible, and it's a driving force. But it has to be real, otherwise, you're already alone, but with baggage.

Do you know what you want?

You can spend your life fighting for that feeling that resembles love. Or you can move on and get to know yourself.

When you learn what you want and need from life, and when you know your value and have a sense of self-worth, you'll find the love you deserve. Even if you stay single, you'll learn to love it. Being in a couple is fantastic, as long as you share goals and lift up each other. Everything else is settling. And you're going to regret it.

It takes time to heal

The longer you're holding to the idea of love, the more time you'll need to recover. And the more you fight for a doomed relationship, the longer it will take courage to finally realize that you made a mistake. Your ego is the one keeping you away from being free.

When you are ready to let go, it will take a lot to get over it completely. You won't stop loving someone simply because they weren't good enough for you. Or because they mistreated you. However, when you're out, you can work on yourself, and keep working until you're no longer scared of being alone.

Talk to people

It must be exhausting to fight every day, every moment, to save something that's not worth saving. Do you dare to talk to your friends about the relationship? Sure, it's none of their business, but sometimes we need someone from the outside to give us perspective.

There's no need to be ashamed. You can't make someone love you, or be the person you want them to be. Look around: your single friends are doing just fine while you're drowning in a toxic partnership. Why? Because you don't want to be alone? Guess what? You're more alone in a bad relationship than on your own. Remember that the next time you start making excuses.

You're better than that

Half love and half romance aren't real. They are a cover-up, a smoke. You're either IN, or you're OUT. And even if you are IN, the partner might still be toxic. Finding the right person is like winning a lottery, so you have to play to win it.

You deserve better than to hold onto memories or some old ideas about romance. You can do better, and you will. No matter how you feel at this moment, the reality is that you no longer have anything to lose. Well, except for precious time and your nerves.

Though a wrong relationship might feel like a trap or a prison, you have the power to walk away at any moment. Maybe you don't want to be judged, or you want to prove everyone wrong. What a joke! People are struggling with real problems, and the ones who aren't living their lives should not be interfering with your decisions.

Stop loving the pain you feel and learn to love your freedom, the simple fact that you don't need anyone. And that's when you'll find someone who is worth everything. But you won't have to fight for that relationship.