It's Alright To Let Yourself Fall Apart

It’s Alright To Let Yourself Fall Apart

Everyone reaches a point in their life where they feel like everything is going wrong and nothing will ever be right again. Sadly, it's normal and a part of life. But you shouldn't feel guilty for feeling like you're completely broken.

To feel down, lonely, and like you've been kicked in the teeth by life is okay - you are allowed to feel this. It's alright to feel like your heart has been shattered and that your dreams have all fallen flat. As long as you take it as a chance to heal.


A New Beginning

You should see your sadness not as the end, but as an invitation to a new beginning. If you do this, then it's quite alright to fall apart. You will build yourself again, and you will be so much stronger.

When it comes to relationships, it's okay for things to fall apart - it lets you see exactly where you really stand. It allows you to see how strong your love was. If a relationship didn't work out, you are allowed to be heartbroken, but you must help your heart heal again. Life is full of journeys, and your heart is on one as well.


Love will visit your heart again, and it's impossible to tell in what form it will come next, or when it will come. But you should hold your heart and your head up high and continue to be open for love again. You can't close it off or it will wither and die.

Healing Will Happen

You will be okay again, even if it's not tomorrow, or in a week, or even a month. But it will happen. You have to allow it though, or it won't be as natural or effective.


Before you can heal, you must take a look at all the things you have to be grateful for. Appreciate them and you will realize that you have a lot of love to receive as well as give. This will be vital in your recovery.

You should not allow all your hurt and bad experiences to keep you down or make you colder. The opposite should happen - you should grow stronger and become more loving. Because you know how it feels to be on the floor, broken and misunderstood. You can reach out to others who feel the same and build them up.


It's alright to let yourself fall apart because you know you will get back up again, and you will rise above the pain.

Everything that makes you human is still there inside you, and you should embrace it. When the old passes away, the new is born, better than before.

Use your hurt to create a person who is understanding and compassionate. If you do, you will feel that falling apart didn't ruin your life, it gave you a new perspective.


There is no life without sadness and disappointment, so make the most of what is handed to you. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade, add a sprinkle of love and share it with everyone around you.