It's A Thin Line Between Narcissism And Egocentrism

It’s A Thin Line Between Narcissism And Egocentrism

A narcissist is a person who always insists on his or her own way. This person gets mad as a bull if things do not go the way he or she wants them to go. To a narcissist, there is only one-way things ought to be. It does not matter if people get hurt or if things are right or wrong.

The Merely Egocentric

We all have our egos. The ego is our perception of reality and our perceptions are subjective. What we know or believe may be true or false. It all depends on our ego.


If our perceptions are misleading or even blinding, we may come to a wrong judgment or conclusion. Things, experiences, and associations that may be real to you might not apply to me. Some experiences have relative lessons and information to teach.

It is better to listen and imagine oneself in a similar situation. If one cannot listen and empathize, he or she must be trapped in the confines and singular vantage point of the ego.


How Do You Keep Your Ego In Check?

Know Yourself

Do not let others define who you are or who you want to be. Take an honest account of your strengths and limitations, and accept them. There are negative habits we must unlearn.

Our unique imperfections or 'quirkiness' are things we must learn to love. It is all right to shed one's darkness in one's room. No one's state of grace has made him or her perfect in every way. We all have our weaknesses and vulnerabilities.


Unlearn Self-centered Habits And Behaviors

Observe your conscious preferences, habits, and social impressions. Do not let single-mindedness lead to ruthlessness and abuse. There is always a limit to things and behavior.

Insensitive social media posts on Facebook and Instagram are often reflections of self-identification or group-association. People are members of a community, of society.


Ask People How They Are, How They Feel

It is wise to take care of your needs if your goal is to help others to learn how to look after their own needs. Self-sufficiency is admirable.

You may be able to satisfy your physical needs, yet, only people can give you love and support. No man is an island.

Look after each other. The goal is to free the self from the confines of a sense of superiority and a warped view of humanity as a commodity for one's pleasure and consumption alone.