It's 2020: Move Out Of Your Parents' House! Trust Yourself!

It’s 2020: Move Out Of Your Parents’ House! Trust Yourself!

I know there's a global pandemic and a credit card and student loan crisis that the world is facing at the moment. I do know this.

On the one hand, we should all be saving money, keen to live at home. However, living at home in our parents' house is not a permanent solution.

Living with my parents drove me up the wall when I moved back home for Covid.

No matter how much I saved not paying rent

it's 2020: move out of your parents' house! trust yourself!

The base urge of a mother is to smother me from living my life dangerously. Not with the intent to cause harm, but to protect.

Again, we know this, and we tolerate it as a natural accompaniment to being home. But there still comes the point when you aren't just home for the holidays; you're just living at home.

Rent free.

Ah yes, the bank of mom and dad does have to run out at some point. The child's personal finance has to kick in eventually, to start saving and get a full-time job.

Our parents' home is meant to feel safe.

But, for your mental health, you need a change

A commitment to your own future; your savings accounts, a personal loan in your name. Even committing to something as small as a magazine subscription.

That means you can start a career plan and stop treating your parents' home as a college student would.

Your doting mother or father probably still calls the doctors when you need an appointment booked. Not to mention doing your laundry and just generally running your life for you.

Not only is this lazy, but you are still living by their rules.

Eventually, you need to step outside of your comfort zone and just move out. Accept that it won't be great or easy to start with, but that you can screw up first so that you can learn later.

It will seem harsh and like too great a step to start with, but that's only because you had it so good for so long.

But I'm not telling you to forgo all the pleasures in your life and cut your family off altogether.

What I am saying is that you need space to yourself, a place to call your own.

Get a driver's license, while you're at it

it's 2020: move out of your parents' house! trust yourself!

You will realise that you can decorate how you want, when you want.

When you get on the property ladder, you will realize that you have missed so much independence. Maturity isn't just knowing your own bedtimes, but it's testing new boundaries.

You will find that your tastes and priorities evolve. You will start to care more about wallpaper patterns and bathroom magazine reading material.

You can get a budget app, research renters insurance – and really look into the pros and cons of moving home. Your friends and family will support you when you fear that you won't be able to leave.

But you probably won't need them

Your flat may even find itself with a signature scent if you aren't careful!

Well, in any case, it will be your identity that can evolve and mature when you move out. You won't be in the shadow of your parents anymore.

Discover if you actually like green peas after all their fussing. Conclude where you stand on carpets versus rugs; curtains versus blinds.

It's all free real estate. You will realize how unsatisfying your life was, graduating from school to return home and not grow beyond the parents' emergency fund.

Simultaneously, as juggling your new artistic and aesthetic capacities, you can also get some grown-up adulting done. Start looking into council tax, checking which days the bins go out on, and playing nice with your neighbors.

These are all social skills that they don't teach you in school, and most people just have to pretend to know enough to get by. This is your opportunity to get ahead of the curve and actually know what you're talking about.

Ask your parents for help by all means, but don't let them do it for you. Make the calls yourself, register for things in your name.

Deep breathe – even set up a direct debit or standing order in your own name.

I know, I know, These are big steps

it's 2020: move out of your parents' house! trust yourself!

But trust me, they're surprisingly easy to replicate once you start!

My sister was ready to move when she moved; she was well-researched and knew exactly what she wanted: financial independence. She didn't let bad credit or the need to refinance her student loans get in her way.

She downloaded and investment app and evolved from one of those adult children to a mature individual.

Joining the job market and a willingness to improve her credit score did her wonders.

Moving out opened so many doors for her.

Truly, you won't want to go back to your mooching teenage self.

I personally recommend Scotland if you're hunkered down after the London life. It's cheap, far away, and so pretty!

Take the plunge! Move out!